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  1. Too bad it's only an arm... it looks dangerous when I don't know what that is, especially when you see it's spiky arm and the little subarms grabbing and 'fondling' that piece of squid...... now I find it sweet, but feel heart pain for the damage, though it can still grow back. This piece is about 25cm in length.
  2. CFOh, BINGO!!!! thanks bro! This fella got me wondering, and my, it can really grab! Greatly appreciate it!!!
  3. Hi all, This is something that we hooked up from about 40-60m water in this region. It looks like some sort of a coral at first, but it behaves more like a kind of carnivorous star of some sort. It had attached itself to a piece of squid and was broken off at the lower part. When I tried to touch it, it's spiky tree-root like tantacles tries to grab my fingers but falls sort of actually grabbing (probably the heat or something). Anyone here be able to identify it? Thanks in advance.
  4. You may be able to purchase industrial ethanol from chemist. But If only you are really lucky, then you will be able to find some with purity > than 95%. Ethanol is a highly dutiable item, it have to be sufficiently denatured to waive the tax duties. Personally I find ethanol is not a very good preservative, and it is far too volatile. Formaldehyde is a much better option, much less evaporation and non-flammable.
  5. Stripeys! Scanned from my 35mm prints.
  6. From my understanding they are edible, though I never tried or like them. They re basically scavengers andseems that they love to frequent beach areas and near drain oulets like other catfish, but, just that they go in large schools. I did kept some at one time for a couple of weeks before releasing them, see if I can still find the pix. remembered getting pricked & poked by no less than 3 times when they jumped, while retrieving them from the net. Oh! btw, the Super Sun I bought from you last Oct, had been hijacked by a SS fanatic friend, it's definitely overweight and obese
  7. I've caught these fellas afew times before with my casting net @ East Coast. Almost 20-40 of them in a single net of about 6-8" long, and also on rod and line, measuring almost 10" in length. As they had recommendation for 100gallon tank, well, not the least surprised, if they want to keep it for breeding? Tested on myself before (accidentally), poisonous as in other catfish, but still okay, still considered mild when compared to Rabbitfish. Never want to try a Scorpion or Lionfish, they're top of the chart!
  8. You may find my comment stupid. But, the good predators for mantis shrimp will not be LS friendly. A grouper, or the more effective is a good size octopus, which will go into any nooks to hunt.
  9. It's a Leather Jacket. Trigger fish-like and found in Kelongs and market, but usually had the skin removed. Very good eating! Omnivorous fish that feeds on seaweed and meat! A rather peaceful fish, but can attack and feed on small shrimps. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...LR_enSG269SG269
  10. No worries, just chop it all up and feed your fishes. We used to get at the beach to fish for smelt, and can often be found in LR. Can be quite good scavengers/ snad cleaners, but will bite small fishes, and be food for the bigger ones!
  11. Depending on where you are from, many countries actually ban import of corals without proper documentation. This is usually related to licensing and marine reef & environmental protection.
  12. So you have a Sand Dollar or Sea Cucumber? They are very good movers too! Sand Dollars often piggy back my Sun, until I got fedup and place it on a LR, instead.
  13. I have already crushed 3 with chopsticks and live captured 1. I think there are still 3 in my LR. Trap did not work anymore. Anyway, those caught or dead had become food for my banded shark.!
  14. Wow! 3ft!! Sure it's not an eel? One of the natural predator, will be a fingermark snapper! Suggest you sieve your sand. if you are lucky, it might have already migrated into the sand.
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