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  1. FOWLR. I have no plan to keep corals.
  2. Hi Guys, plan to get back into the hobby again. Where do you guys think I should start from? Let's say if it is starting from a 3 feet tank and work my way up possible?
  3. For the tailless butterfly, are they born like that or the tail is being cut of deliberately,do u have any idea?
  4. Aquastar still has a few midnight angel and 2 scopas tang,and some valentini puffers.
  5. Does anyone knows if aquastar at yishun opens tomorrow until what time?
  6. went to aquamarin just now, according to them there might be a Hawaii shipment coming in this Saturday (to be Confirmed).
  7. Anyway, for yesterday and today, all 3, 2 i bought on Saturday.and 1 on friday,all of my clowns refuse to eat.1 died and had a heavy breathing before it.so what is the best solution to save the other 2 clowns from dying?
  8. and even today, just now , when i was feeding the damsel and clown, the clown refused to eat., so is it water got problem or fish giot problem?
  9. now everything has been okay, but i add a juv behn's damsel on 2 july ,the fish did well for nearly a month. then today , i bought a small ocellaris clown from am and i realized that inside my small tank, it was hanging on top of the water column and also being bullied by the behn's damsel,but now it is going to die soon.anyway, the water haven't been changed yet for one month also. so what should i do now? any advice?
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