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  1. Do you have a qt ? I am keen on 1.
  2. FOWLR. I have no plan to keep corals.
  3. Hi Guys, plan to get back into the hobby again. Where do you guys think I should start from? Let's say if it is starting from a 3 feet tank and work my way up possible?
  4. For the tailless butterfly, are they born like that or the tail is being cut of deliberately,do u have any idea?
  5. Aquastar still has a few midnight angel and 2 scopas tang,and some valentini puffers.
  6. Does anyone knows if aquastar at yishun opens tomorrow until what time?
  7. went to aquamarin just now, according to them there might be a Hawaii shipment coming in this Saturday (to be Confirmed).
  8. Anyway, for yesterday and today, all 3, 2 i bought on Saturday.and 1 on friday,all of my clowns refuse to eat.1 died and had a heavy breathing before it.so what is the best solution to save the other 2 clowns from dying?
  9. and even today, just now , when i was feeding the damsel and clown, the clown refused to eat., so is it water got problem or fish giot problem?
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