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  1. Rare Beautiful piece . Not those kind that will split into smaller kind of bta . Been with me for a year plus . Nice colouration . Opens up to 1feet . $250 pls WhatsApp to 9757ninesix96
  2. Butterflies collected by a nice bro… nice talking to u . left with convict. Not easy to get stable convict tangs . Fish is with me for 3 yrs and eats everything !!!
  3. As above. Convict tang about 4inch abit bruised up from trapping . But feed well. Kept for 3 yrs . $30 a pair of yellow pyramid butterfly . Will me for 1yr. Feeds like pigs . They will swim together all the time . Dun feel like seprating them up $60 for the pair pls bring ur own pail 127628 whatsapp me @ 97579696
  4. As above .. must take the whole lot! 3 colony and many 3 small Colony and Around 30 frags tank suffered aefw but have almost recovered . So acro might have flatworm on them .. pls inspect dip frag and quarrentine . was about to bin them but decide to give them a chance if anyone is keen must collect by today west coast Pls read before committing .
  5. Looking for the above mention lights . Do WhatsApp me at 97579696 if u have one for sale in black
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