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  1. Thanks domvonn Reserved currently
  2. Been with me for very long.. feed on mysis super hardworking . 3” watsapp me for pics pls bring ur own bag/ container 97579696 jay
  3. Wanna clear some space on my frag rack . Price range from $10-$40 collection in west coast watsapp me at 97579696 to deal
  4. Wanna clear some space on my frag rack . Price range from $10-$40 collection in west coast watsapp me at 97579696 to deal
  5. Hi guys, starting a new tank soon and I’m looking for dead rocks. If u have some for sale/give pls pm me! Thank you
  6. Your right bro, I went searching around the forum and reef central and couldnt get much also. However stumble upon some outdoor reef ponds and massive tanks but the climate abit different from singapore thus would be great if there is any reefer in sgreefclub who can share your experiences if you have a tank at the balcony with direct/indirect sunlight. CKS, I understand yours is a 'planted' tank, could I check compared to an indoor tank do you get more algae on the glass etc? I would think if i maintain a low nutrient setup there should be manageable algae growth but for y
  7. Hi all, Left the hobby 1 year back when we are preparing for our new child. Now that we have a new place, cant help but want to set up a new tank again. Problem with most new apartments is there is always a huge ass balcony which means indoors space is pretty limited. Must previous 2 tanks where in my room and the problem is always maintainace. My current place has a pretty decent sized balcony and there is a water inlet and drainage. Seems to work fine for water changes and I can always mess up the balconey and clean it up with a hose. Does any one have any expereince
  8. Hi all, ABT is taken. Price change for LR. $50 for all.
  9. Hi guys, Got got bout 10 over pms within 30 mins. Would like to add that following condition. Please do not adopt the fish and sell it, if do not want the fish in future, please put it up for adoption again. I belive that most reefer that I have met are nice people but if you do want to get rid of the ABT in future please inform me as I can arrange for the fish to be passed to reefers who have pmed me this time round. Please give me some time to look through all before I decide. Have to leave for an appointment now. Some questions so hope I can answer them here. 1. The adop
  10. Dear all, Decomming. 3.5 inch ABT stable, eating healthy up for adoption. Condition. Your tank must be a good home for it. Preferbly 4 feet and above. Please pm me your tank specs and how many years your in reefing. Please list your lifestock too. I have the rights to determine who I want to give to. Please note that I will be taking LR out tomorrow and collection can be done from tom, latest tuesday. Approx 20 kilo LR Please note that there maybe some corals/ mushroom attached to it. ($100) Orange Rhodactis and assorted mushroom Two rocks. (both for $40) GSP
  11. Hi All, Thanks for the PMs. Unfortunately I think a 600 mm one will be a better fit. New project will be 2.5 ft cube, with 0.5ft external overflow. Do pm me if you have a spare set or if you have upgraded to LEDs. Thanks
  12. Dear reefers, Am thinking of restarting my tank. Looking for the above. Prefer to it to be 600mm with 4 x t5 if available. Do pm if you have one to let go. Thanks
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