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  1. Hi Reefers, letting go this bundle at $15. Lumi green mushroom about 1” and can grow till 3-4”. Bottom mushroom about 2”, also can reach 3-4”. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  2. Sold to nice Reefer. Thread close. Thanks
  3. Hi Reefers, Letting go 2” yellow tang as I find it too big for my tank. Looking at $80. Deal in east. Fcfs. Pm if keen. Thanks
  4. Hi Reefers, Bundle sold to nice Reefer. I have this piece. 2” wide. Open bigger if under direct light. Clownfish like to host it. $15. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks
  5. Bundle Price revised. $20. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  6. Hi Reefers, this 2pieces of mushrooms for sale. 1st pic about 20 cent coin size. 2nd pic about 2 inch size but can be bigger when under direct light. Clearing space so asking for $30 as bundle. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  7. Hi Reefers, this mushroom is available. Bigger than 50cent coin. Can be as big as 6-8” if light is good. Asking $20. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  8. Hi Reefers, Mushrooms Attached to rock. Each mushroom about 6cm if fully open. Will frag if keen. $20 per mushroom. Discount if take more. Deal in east. Pm pls. Thanks.
  9. Hi folks, looking for Preloved eheim reeflex uv350. Anyone selling do pm me. Thanks.
  10. Hi folks, anyone knows where locally can purchase the above mentioned sterilizer? Appreciate your advice. Thanks
  11. Thanks for interest from all. Sold to a nice Reefer. admin, Pls close thread. Thanks
  12. Hi Reefers, selling this to clear space. Price as per pic. If take all, it’s $40. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  13. Hi Reefers, anyone can spare a frag of acro? I’m trying to train my orange spotted filefish to eat prepared food. East area preferred. Thanks in advance.
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