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  1. FLUVAL TANKSET TAKEN! Sorry to those that i did not reply. i have toooo many whatsapp for this tankset. Reserved for a nice guy. Chiller available
  2. I will be decomm-ing my tank which has been with me for about 2.5 years. Some changes in my work requirements and I really can't find that time to maintain the tank. Note: tank set has algae and coraline growth on 3 sides of glass, buyer will have to clean it up. Tank is still operating. I have neglected the tank and felt someone should take better care of it and to give it a new lease of life. It is a beautiful tankset and I will be letting go cheap. 1) Fluval evo 13.5 with original hood (hood is cracked but usable - would advice to change the lighting and get rid of the hood -
  3. Looking to buy Eshopps PF-Nano overflow box. Can't seems to find it in retail shops. Any has 1 or know of any shops that sell? Appreciate it!
  4. 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $SOLD5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - SOLD Both items sold!
  5. Decomming my 35cm cube nano tank. Upgrading to bigger tank, hence will try to just keep 1 tank. All items used less than 6 months 1) 35cm cube glass tank with IOS, return pump, LED light (normal LED light - white and blue) with custom cover - $80 2) Bubble magnus qq 2 protein skimmer - $50 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $80 4) Jecod (same as Jebao) Dosing Pump 5 channel - $80 5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - $40 (very very very new) Take all : $300 This is the tank with the stock LED li
  6. interested in mame skimmer. have pm-ed you
  7. Clearing away these items. Back when I was in reefing, I bought alot of pieces for DIY and for projects, but have long stopped keeping marine fishes and no point to keep them in my storeroom. 1) Heatsink plate (silver) - 24cm x 7.5cm x (2.2cm thickness) - $12 (all brand new with no holes drilled) Many pieces available 2) Heatsink Black (Small) - 30cm x 12cm x 2cm (thickness) - $15 (many pieces available) 3) Heatsink Black (Big) - 45cm x 12cm x 2 cm - $20 (many pieces available) Take note that these are new, but definitely some small marks here and there due to transporting 4) Power
  8. Selling a used Hailea HS28 chiller (used for 1 year). Condition is very good and in good working condition. Will throw in a FOC EDEN pump. Looking at $180. SMS 91084088. Thanks
  9. Tank set sold !! Left Chiller.. HS28a used for about a year +.. comes with piping.. with EDEN 1000l flowrate pump With Pump and Chiller = $200 just chiller = $180. PM me to confirm.
  10. Selling off my tank set ! Will be cleaning up the tankset this weekend. This tankset will NOT come with any lightings.. 1) Tank set of Mini80 (bought from DE) - 1.5ft cube tank with cabinet and SUMP running on a return pump on Eheim 1000 -Do take note that usual wear and tear. No leakage as I still am running the tank. Rusty hinges on cabinet 2) Chiller Hailea HS28A. Working in extremely great condition. Am looking at $400 for whole set. (no transportation) . Actually you can bring along a trolley and bring it home.. I transported it in my car when I bought them. Do
  11. tjy

    Giving away fishes

    all collected. thanks !
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