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  1. FLUVAL TANKSET TAKEN! Sorry to those that i did not reply. i have toooo many whatsapp for this tankset. Reserved for a nice guy. Chiller available
  2. I will be decomm-ing my tank which has been with me for about 2.5 years. Some changes in my work requirements and I really can't find that time to maintain the tank. Note: tank set has algae and coraline growth on 3 sides of glass, buyer will have to clean it up. Tank is still operating. I have neglected the tank and felt someone should take better care of it and to give it a new lease of life. It is a beautiful tankset and I will be letting go cheap. 1) Fluval evo 13.5 with original hood (hood is cracked but usable - would advice to change the lighting and get rid of the hood - the stock light has too little blue) Have added blue led strips underneath the hood. Will come with the original light + 1 aftermarket light that I bought. The tank itself requires CLEANING. 2) Fluval light controller (2 channel) 3) 4 channel dosing pump Jebao 4) Fluval protein skimmer (works well in this tank) 5) Eheim 1000 pump 6) Fluval protein skimmer 7) Corals and live rocks - 2 heads of Gold Torch (bought from madpetz and cost of this is already near 100, healthy and doing well) , patches of GSP, zoas that grew alot, some golden cloves, alot of pulsing xenia, small yuma Do take note that there is hair algae on the rocks. need some cleaning up here. For item 1 to 6 - All for $150.. (I am selling cheap so no nego. also, for the buyer, you will have to bring a pail to take the rocks and corals out, I will supply as many plastic bags as I can. For sand wise, I reccomend to just change it out). NOT FOR SEPARATE SALES 7) Teco TR5 1/12hp chiller. This is like the best and most silent chiller i have ever used. Cant hear much noise and cools down this evo easily. It looks very nice and because of how silent it is, I got it. Selling at $150. this chiller was bought in 2013 period, but works perfectly well! Again I must highlight that the tank requires cleaning. I am really too busy for the maintenance works and will stop reefing for awhile. Please refer to the attached photos (for the original light, I did not take a photo, but it will be included) Priority given to people who take both the tankset and chiller. Whatsapp me at 91084088
  3. Looking to buy Eshopps PF-Nano overflow box. Can't seems to find it in retail shops. Any has 1 or know of any shops that sell? Appreciate it!
  4. 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $SOLD5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - SOLD Both items sold!
  5. Decomming my 35cm cube nano tank. Upgrading to bigger tank, hence will try to just keep 1 tank. All items used less than 6 months 1) 35cm cube glass tank with IOS, return pump, LED light (normal LED light - white and blue) with custom cover - $80 2) Bubble magnus qq 2 protein skimmer - $50 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $80 4) Jecod (same as Jebao) Dosing Pump 5 channel - $80 5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - $40 (very very very new) Take all : $300 This is the tank with the stock LED light (nemolight) Tank with zetlight Bubble magnus qq2 sits perfectly in 2nd compartment. (when using Zetlight, you can still clip at the back. if using stock light, have to clip at the side) Zetlight with light charts. This light is really amazing and my corals all loved it! with the auto functions, it can fully control from daylight to sunset! Almost new wavemaker 5 channel auto dosing pump with box, pipes and extra motor. Very new!
  6. interested in mame skimmer. have pm-ed you
  7. Clearing away these items. Back when I was in reefing, I bought alot of pieces for DIY and for projects, but have long stopped keeping marine fishes and no point to keep them in my storeroom. 1) Heatsink plate (silver) - 24cm x 7.5cm x (2.2cm thickness) - $12 (all brand new with no holes drilled) Many pieces available 2) Heatsink Black (Small) - 30cm x 12cm x 2cm (thickness) - $15 (many pieces available) 3) Heatsink Black (Big) - 45cm x 12cm x 2 cm - $20 (many pieces available) Take note that these are new, but definitely some small marks here and there due to transporting 4) Power Adaptor (3 - 6 x 3W Led)- Suitable for 3 to 6 pieces of 3W LED. - $15 5) Power Adaptor (9 - 12 x 3W Led) - Suitable for 9 to 12 pieces of 3W LED - $20 (multiple pieces available) 6) Switch - $3 (I use it to connect to the adaptor) - multiple piece available 7) Acrylic Light Stand (4 pieces per set) Can be used to fix on the Heat sink. - $15 per set Note: You will have to use bolts and nuts to secure to the heat sink Kindly PM me or msg me at 91084088. Meetup at YCK/AMK Area
  8. Selling a used Hailea HS28 chiller (used for 1 year). Condition is very good and in good working condition. Will throw in a FOC EDEN pump. Looking at $180. SMS 91084088. Thanks
  9. Tank set sold !! Left Chiller.. HS28a used for about a year +.. comes with piping.. with EDEN 1000l flowrate pump With Pump and Chiller = $200 just chiller = $180. PM me to confirm.
  10. Selling off my tank set ! Will be cleaning up the tankset this weekend. This tankset will NOT come with any lightings.. 1) Tank set of Mini80 (bought from DE) - 1.5ft cube tank with cabinet and SUMP running on a return pump on Eheim 1000 -Do take note that usual wear and tear. No leakage as I still am running the tank. Rusty hinges on cabinet 2) Chiller Hailea HS28A. Working in extremely great condition. Am looking at $400 for whole set. (no transportation) . Actually you can bring along a trolley and bring it home.. I transported it in my car when I bought them. Do PM me for details.. picture as below
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