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  1. I think its best u post a pix of the algae + list specs of your tank. Other factors like no. of fishes, over-feeding, aging of filter materials may also contribute to algae growth. gouldian: no more. Jus sitting around waiting for $ to drop fr the trees
  2. Traders MAY be able to park for a small fee/free at the MBS Valet carpark, just show your trader's pass when claiming your car. It was like this at the SGF2012. Traders need to check with event organisers about this arrangement.
  3. Don't have to worry as the brittle stars from LR is different from the serpent star. They do not grow bigger than 20cents sized, include all arms. they feed on detritus and they like those home-made seafood food mix. Interestingly to know, they give birth from that star-shaped hole on its underside. they thrive best in a refugium
  4. By scraping, do you remove it by siphoning out of your tank or just clean with magnet cleaner and the scum goes back into your filter and the phosphate/nitrates get recycled for next algae bloom. Do you use R0/DI water? tap water contain alot of nutrients to fuel nuisance algae growth. Do you use a protein skimmer? Does your tank face the sun? How old is your tank system?
  5. Hi all, Thx for all your interest. My Tank has been sold at the advertised price. Venezia
  6. paiseh. pic taken using iphone became blur after enlarging.
  7. Pic of tank taken b4 cleanup. Plastic containers for frags has been cleared. Can clear coralline algae if required. Pics of other parts/equipment of tank can be uploaded on request. thx for viewing
  8. Used Remora AquaC hang-on back skimmer only for sale. Can produce thick brown skimmate if adjust to max height. Looking at $100 or best offer. Slight chip at collection cup neck, but works just as normal. No O-ring.W/o pump. Self-collect pasir ris.
  9. Upz. Complete set nano tank in time for CNY2012.
  10. upz for all-in-one set. Just add marine life. neat & tidy.
  11. Hello Terryz ya.. long time nv log in u've become Mod for some time aldy! I've been having my own marine tank for 9years aldy since SRC was up but now not enough time to care for my fishies so decided to 'pass' it to someone who can and will appreciate the beauty of marine tank in own home/office.
  12. Tank Set Specifications - Manufacturer: JBJ - Tank Volume:28 Gallon - Built-in filter (IOS) - Glass thickness: 6mm - Lighting: (1)150Watts DE Metal Halide 14000K - Ballast: Remote Magnetic/ UL recognized Component with quick disconnect - LED: (4)Nite-Vu LED with seperate power cord - Cooling Fans: (4)3000rpm/ Ball-bearing type - Pumps: (1)Accela pump 266g/hr 16Watt (1)Ehiem Compact 1000 1000L/hr 23Watt -Wave Maker: (1)Hydor Koralia 1 1500L/hr 4.5Watt (1)Hydor FLO Deflector -UV sterilizer: Coralife Turbo-Twister 3x 9Watt -Chiller: Resun CL-450 -Cabinet Stand: 18"x22"x32" with vented chiller storage compartment & (1)cabinet -Hose tubing: Ehiem 16/22mm Additional equipment not used before - Hang-on back Protein Skimmmer (powered by air pump/air stone) Livestock - 1 pair True Percula Clownfish - 1 Yellow Tang (M) - 1 Red Starfish - 1 Black Sea Cucumber - 1 Pink Sea Cucumber - Some assorted soft corals - 10kg Live Rock - 10kg Live sand, size 0 Amount spent: ~$1.5K Age of tank set: 1 year Condition of tank: 8.5/10 Selling Price: $700 inclusive of delivery (Will arrange with Ah Beng's Fish shop) Looking for serious buyers only.Selling as set only.Tank is in very good condition. Screws have been changed and fans regularly cleaned. Bargain hunters, im very sorry pls do not pm me for individual sales. Letting go due to increased work commitment. Once again, Viewing can be arranged for serious buyer. Please do not hestitae to pm me for any queries. Picture attached is example of 28g JBJ Tank, and not actual tank. JBJ NANO.bmp
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