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  1. 1. Jem, HC0302/ Black/ XL/ 01 pcs 2. hijackng, HC0302/ Black/ L/ 01 pc 3. new_new, HC0302/ Black/ XL/ 01 pcs 4.Allantang, HC0315 / forest green / L /01 pc 5.Allantang.HC0306 / maroon / 01 / L / 01 pc 6.holachantus.HC0302/black/M/01 pc 7. binosage, HC0300/ white/ L/ 01 pc 8. 9. 10. Thanks!
  2. Have been a bit quiet lately due to personal matters. I'm still around lurking though! :S

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      take care bro!!!!!

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      any updates on ur tank?

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      see when u free, we can catch up to look at sps...there's always a solution to our problems...dun worry so much

  3. Hi bro, great looking tank! Peace is right about the clams being deprived of light. We have the same tank and LED fixture, and I place my clam about 1/3 from the bottom and even so, it could do with more light. Do stock up slowly to prolong your tank set-up pleasure, and to let the system mature.
  4. Haha bro, don't beat yourself up over the replaced red tube la. The colours from your latest FTS is just as attractive, and I'm sure it looks more natural up close as well (although the yummy red saturation looks good in photos) Looks like money well spent
  5. Hi bro, open brain, or trachyphyllia, is relatively easy to keep and not very light demanding. They can be put on the sand bed or even partially shaded areas with low to moderate flow. The one time I had an open brain die, it was exposed to direct blasting from the wavemaker on top of my cleaner shrimps digging it open for digested food In addition to good water parameters, feed it fleshy food like bits of market prawn or mysis once a week (usually rows of feeding tentacles will extend near night time), and it will be enough to keep it happy.
  6. Hi bro, assuming your tank is already properly cycled, periodical dosing of bacteria is to boost the population of your bacteria so that your system can break down waste more efficiently. Similarly, when a new tank is set up, dosing of bacteria can speed up the process. It is not an absolute necessity, but is good to do it once in a while. Think of it as drinking Yakult or Vitagen... aids digestion
  7. BP Staff "Deeply Affected" By Coffee Spill Parody Video BP's Managing Director, Bob Dudley, reacts to the seeing for the first time the viral hit video "BP Spills Coffee" in a PBS interview. He says that the video has "deeply affected" the staff at BP and it "makes their shoulders go down." From: The Consumerist The video in question lol.
  8. albinosage

    Help ID dog

    Aiyoh you all never think like real men... Only ask to borrow cars? 1. Is she a young lady? 2. If not, does she have any daughters? 3. ??? 4. ♫ Bowchickabowwow ♫ Hahahaha... Joking, bro. Glad you reunited the dog with the owner, that dog is damn adorable!
  9. It is shallow enough to use chopsticks! LOL. Very nice pics btw, forgot to mention earlier. I'm surprised the yumas hold up so well in the IQ3.
  10. Hey Fabian, thanks for sharing your tank pics! You are right, the lighting is insufficient for the LPS (frogspawn and bubble), they look stressed and bleached.
  11. finally get to see your office project, nice collection of frags! Does the Tunze pump fit well in the compartment and is there less heat with this upgrade?
  12. Wow the IQ3 club is growing from strength to strength Personally, my experience with the pico tank has been a pain in the posterior, I was convinced that it is impossible to do anything nice with it (temperature, high evaporation, lighting...). Maybe you could show us more pics of the set up? I'm sure there will be heightened interest in the IQ3 among reefers now that so many of you have come out of hiding to show your tank
  13. Nice FTS bro! Any reason why you changed the configuration of the lights?
  14. He who drums the loudest has the most to hide.

  15. Nice pics so far! Would be awesome if you could share the details of your tank and equipment
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