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  1. To reduce big fish, letting go my watanabei pair. Kept for many months, eats everythinh, exceptional health. Male has very long tail (old photo, it's longer now). Selling at $200 for the pair, my bought price from coral farm. Male 6 inches Female 4.5 inches roughly. I will be overseas soon, so I will put the fish at iwarna. Collection can be done there, and just pay them. I will collect the money when I come back. Interested parties please PM me thanks!
  2. What I meant was that I receive many PMs asking things like, "is that lobo for sale" and other stuff not related to the sales. Please don't argue in this thread thanks. Andtsg, I don't know why you're making a big deal out of SEA. They accept donations such as these on a case to case basis. And if no one wants to buy my fish after a week I'll donate it there if they want it. So not sure why you're being so childish and ignoramus here. I guess the level of maturity in this forum is far underdeveloped as I had originally imagined. Such a shame really. Anyway fish pending collection. Thanks everybody
  3. Receive a lot of irrelevant messages and PMs. Please only contact if you are interested. I forgot some additional information. Fish is 3.5-4 inch Have been with me for a long time, so it's eating pellets and flake. But not frozen food. No ich. If no buyer after a week I will donate it to the curator of S.E.A aquarium. Thanks everyone.
  4. WTS Acanthurus polyzona from Mauritius. Kept for over a year. Bought price $500, selling $300. Please pm if interested thank you! Collection in the east, at Iwarna.
  5. peppermint angels have been talked about literally to the point of being over-exposed. in the past 2 years alone there have been more peppermints in the market than the entire history of the fish's existence. it has been blogged about and broadcasted to death, almost to the point of being mundane. even in SRC numerous photos and information have been posted. not just on peppermint, but on personatus and kingi. it's not 6 digit. never has been, never will be. google. it's your best friend.
  6. very nice individual. i love the soft anal and dorsal fin markings.
  7. what an unusual Goby! It looks like Gobiodon erythrospilus but that's just an educated guess. Its unusually yellow though.
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