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  1. Thanks! Radions are on AB+ schedule currently at 80% 12 inches above the water
  2. Thank you! Definitely sitting back and taking a breather for now The flame hawk is my wife's favourite fish in the tank! She named him "Derpy" haha!
  3. Sorry I took so long to put the video together. The clips in this video were all filmed on 17 April, about a week after I finished the dipping process, and barely a few days after I rescaped and glued the corals in place. I expected the SPS to be super pissed off from the rough dipping treatment and the new scape, but they seem contented!
  4. I've actually asked Iwarna to order them for many months after my previous one passed on last year... they only recently became available again. I got 2 this time, hopefully can pair them up Thank you! It's really been a tough journey with this tank so far. Hopefully it'll all turn out well and I can actually enjoy the tank peacefully instead of endlessly spending and slogging over it!
  5. Here's what the tank looks like now. Long way to go to colour everything up, but it's a start! I'm working on the next video that will hopefully be out soon FTS by Yi Xiang Lye, on Flickr
  6. 2018-04-07_12-10-55 by Yi Xiang Lye, on Flickr
  7. Yup that's where I got them from. Pricing wise best to check with Iwarna
  8. I have 2 Hawaii yellow anthias, Odontanthias fuscipinnis
  9. Thanks bro! It's really quite a backbreaking effort, but if it ends up with a nice looking tank like yours then it's worth it I bought 3 spotted mandarins early on to help keep the problem under control, but surprisingly they fought quite fiercely amongst each other and now left with only 1. I'm considering adding springeri damsels too as they're also reputed to eat aefw
  10. The dip process is finally over and I really hope that nightmare is over. Rocks are now in but the tank is a mess as I haven't had the time to glue the corals in yet. It's a lot easier buying a few a week and gluing them in than 70ish colonies and frags at once. The colour coordination gives me a headache! 20180401_231138 by Yi Xiang Lye, on Flickr
  11. Sand and tank walls not likely. Rock I removed totally and will be replacing with the new scape. I also swap the eggcrate stand weekly and wash/dry it in tap water in between swaps to make sure no eggs or worms hide there.
  12. Unfortunately my fish are still in the tank so I couldn't do that. I also didn't want to kill off my copepod and micro fauna population
  13. And here's the new scape! Hope it looks good enough... I've set up 2 tubs and will start cycling the rocks in salt water with Fritz and Prodibio bacteria for 2 weeks. I may also dose some TM Reef Mud Vital into the tubs to hopefully seed some additional micro fauna into the rocks.
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