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  1. Bro, i just replied to ur pm. safer to use titanium.
  2. I'm considering making another chiller for my coral tank. If i decided to make another one, i'll let u know.
  3. Wow bro! I would have got it from you if i know earlier. Is it a split-system or system 2/3?
  4. i spend, $200 x 3 for the titanium coils. $45 x 3 for controllers. $420 for 2nd hand compressor with installation. $250 x 3 for installing the pipings so total = $600 + $135 + $420 + $750 = $1905 So $1905 is for 3 systems of 0.75 hp chiller.
  5. in the main tank. If put in the sump, the temperature will only be true in the sump and not the main tank. When put the probe in the main tank, the chiller will continue to cool until the set temp is achieved in the main tank.
  6. The cables are connected to the controller as shown in the photo.
  7. The piping are run all the way until the sump where the pipes are connected to the titanium coils shown previously.
  8. Got a 2nd hand non-invertor compressor becos an invertor compressor cannot be control by the the controller directly. The piping were installed by aircon guys.
  9. This is the titanium coil i got from an aircon parts supplier. Its place beside the blue stool as a comparison to show the size of it. This coil is suitalbe for 1 HP compressor and i got 3 of them.
  10. Thanks everyone for ur input and advise. Finaly got the chiller working over the weekend after changing the compressor to an non-invertor type. i'll post the picture with some explaination in the next few days.
  11. Hi bro, i saw some peppermint shrimps at M3Morph.

    pls refer to their website http://www.m3morph.com/main/products-page/livestocks/peppermint-shrimp/

  12. So as to say, its easier and better using a non-inverter compressor unit than to try to figure out the circuits... rite? As my compressor is FOC from my brother doing his home renovation, i dun mind buying a non-invertor unit.
  13. Hi Guys, Updates on this project... i bought some 1hp titanium coils on saturday and arrange for the aircon guys to come link up the system yesterday. After linking up the system and doing a trial run... new problems.. Aircon guy told me that inverter units cannot just use external controller to control. Is this true? Any brother out there doing aircon stuff can give some advice?
  14. seems that nowadays ich parasites also work in shifts... i usually just carry on feeding the fishes.. with better food/vitamins supplements. u can try to add some galic juice also to increase the fishes appetite. i dun believe in taking the fishes out for treatment becos that usually stress the fishes further. Most of the time ended up dead. so far my successful treatments is feed better food/vitamin supplement.
  15. Hi there! Shrimps, Crabs and lobsters are very sensitive to water conditions. Sudden change in the water conditions might kill them in the matter of hours. Before u introduce it to the tank, it help to acclimatise them to let them adjust to the new water condition.
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