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  1. yes . for those who knows tongan branches will know price is good. my place is at Serangoon Garden.
  2. sorry no digital camera, but can honestly say they are worth it if one is looking for Fiji branches.
  3. am rescaping one of my tanks and thus decide to sell off some excess fiji live rocks(branches) at $10 per kg.They were purchased from Coral Farm at $18 per kg few months back. Big and small branches are available. sms me at 94558373 if interested. wj
  4. selling the above lights cause have too many uv lights already. both used for less than a year. good condition-like new. selling $50 and $80 respectively. call or sms me at 94558373.
  5. let me know how much you selling. my no. is 94558373.thanks
  6. upgraded my mh light. wish to sell off above. about a year old 150w and a 27w 12000k atinic blue. Blue bulb is brand new. good for two to three feet tank . $150. sms 94558373 if interested. weejin
  7. Hi. am also looking to replace one of my MH glass cause it is old and stained. Do let me know if you manage to replace yours bro.
  8. Hi am interested in your blue face and emperor. please sms me at 94558373 if available. weejin
  9. upgraded to bigger sump and better FR. Less than a year old sump tank for sale at $20.00 (6mm glass 28"L by 14"W by15"H) .Also have 3 resun FR at $10 each. call or sms me at 94558373 if interested.
  10. anyone knows if the Kuda still available at pasir ris farm? like to add to my three SH. thanks
  11. WTB: masked or golden butterflies. looking to acquire 3 to 4. Any size. please contact me at 94558373 if you selling . thanks
  12. I have an extra purple tang for sale at $30. It has been with me for almost a year. it is medium size and strong. interested sms or call me at 94558373. thanks
  13. sorry the weipro skimmer is model 2014. understand it is the biggest weipro model.
  14. Hi selling the above cause upgraded to beckett skimmer and Eheim pumps. Have two hailea pumps . one about nine months . the other is one day old selling for $30 and $50 respectively. weipro skimmer selling for $30. Thanks.
  15. it is 150w 17000k bulb. dont know how to put up picture. sorry
  16. sorry my post not very clear. Am selling the whole metal halide set with bulb. it comes with chain for hanging. it is white in colour.
  17. have a single bulb MH light for sale at$100. used for less than a year. Please call or sms me at 94558373 if interested.
  18. please let me know if buyer backs out . Thanks. wee jin
  19. I have the opposite problem. I cant seem to raise my Mg fast enough. Have tried a few brands of Mg. Heard absent salt may be used. can someone care to advise? Thanks.
  20. please let me know where i can find pink tip anemone. Also let me know if anyone is selling his /hers.
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