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  1. My friend has arranged to dispose of tank already . Tks for your interest. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Tank is available again as person backed out . Must be moved by this Friday. Condo moving hours are between 10am to 4pm . WhatsApp me at81831618 if keen Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Tank has been reserved as of now ...any changes will update ...Tks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. My friend has the above cube tank to give away as upgraded to new bigger tank . Size is 2.5 by 2.5 by 22inch . Gotta arrange your own mover . Pls WhatsApp me at 81831618 if interested . Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Hi please let me know collection venue ? if still available...Tks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Dear Pple, The tank set and chiller have both been sold and gone. Tks for the interest...
  7. Dear People, The chiller has been sold and deposit paid pending collection tonight. Please contact me at 81831618 if anyone wish to get the tank.Pipings are intact. Good condition and well maintained. wjin
  8. As i have not been able to log in as often as before, pls sms me any question at 81831618....tkx...
  9. More pics..... The tank is in good condition. Good buy if one is looking for a nice tank. Glass is 10mm sides and 12mm base.
  10. no pic but can arrange to see. will try take pics but not sure how to post and all ....
  11. Dear People, Hi , i have decommissioned one tank and looking to sell the same . It is a 5 by2.5 by 2.5 ft tank w cabinet and hood w sump tank of course. It is in a good and presentable condition. Am selling at $500 whole set. It will available for moving in second week of august though cause am busy or away next 2 weeks. Am also selling a Mitsubishi compressor chiiler w cooling coil and the electronic control box.Price is $500 also. Both items are in good working conditions. Pls sms me at 81831618 if keen. Thank you. Wjin
  12. Dear People, I will be decommissioning one tank in the next few weeks. The tank is a 5'by 2.5'by 2.5 ft tank w cabinet and hood . The tank set is in good condition. Selling whole set at $1000. Am also selling the compressor type chiller w cooling coil and electronic control w probe. Less than one year old. For sale at $1000.00 Pls sms me at 81831618 or 94558373 if keen. As i do not really check my pm, pls dun send me pm. Viewing can be arranged at Serangoon garden. Thank you all. wj
  13. Hi bro, do sms me at 81831618 as i have a fren who may be keen if price is right. wjin
  14. The MCE 600 skimmer has been sold and collected. I have the MC 500 and APF 600 still available. Sorry, dun have picture of the MH light fixture but can take a look without committing. Thanks.
  15. All the skimmers bought from Reef Depot direct. am the only owner.
  16. Hi People, Am selling few items as i just upgraded to a bubble King skimmer and Giesseman MH. The following items are for sale:- 1)Deltec APF 600 - one year old; $400; 2)Deltec 500 - two years old ; $200; 3)Deltec Hang-on skimmer- two years old; $200 4)3 feet German MH light set 2 150w double end w two t5- few years old ; $100 Pls sms to me at 81831618 if keen. wjin
  18. BRO, am able to take both the RBTA if still available. My phone is 81831618 wj
  19. Hi people. Am selling the above Artica chiller for $500.00. It has just been serviced for $240.00 I have commissioned a new in sump coil chiiler with air con compressor to be installed this week. So decided to sell the Artica. Do sms me at 8183 1618 if keen. wj
  20. Am keen to get your Scott fairy wrasse. Pls sms me at 81831618. Thanks. wj
  21. Bro, am keen to get all your anthias. Do sms me if available. Can collect tonight. My tel is 81831618. Thanks. wj
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