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  1. The chiller has been sold and collected. tahnks
  2. ok, am keen if still available. Pls sms me at 81831618...thanks.
  3. Will try to dig out the receipt ...which is somewhere in the house.....
  4. How long have you had it? Quite keen if fish is stable.
  5. For those of who had enquired, the warranty is over .It may bet 1.5 to 2 years i think. But the chiller is good condition. Not to worry.....
  6. Mh light set has been sold and colloected. Thanksfor all your interest. Am selling my Artica 1/5 hp chiller now......
  7. I have an artica 1/5 hp chiller for sale at $500. Please sms me at 81831618 if keen. Thanks. wj.
  8. Sorry cant post any pic cause am not familiar but the light is in good condition for all those who have asked me.Can see first .
  9. Both canisters and the Resun chiller have beensold and collected. I still have the Solite MH/T5. Thanks....
  10. Hello People, I have just set up a new 5 feet tank and am selling some used equipments from my previous 3 feet tank. Someitems are:- 1) 3ft Solite Mh w2 T5 tubes. one year plus- $150; 2) 2 Eheim canisters tub filters.The biggest Eheim type. $100 each; 3) one Resun CL650 chiller. Less than 3 years old.working fine.$50; Will post on other items for sale soon.... Do sms me at 81831618 for faster reply. Cheers, Wjin
  11. Thnaks bro. will collect tom night.wj
  12. Am keen to buyyour flame angel. How long haveyou had it? Pls sms me at 81831618. Thanks. wj
  13. Chiller has been sold and collected. Thanks for all your interest. wj
  14. For those who sms me, collection is at West side...toh tuck road.thanks.
  15. Am selling my 3.5 years old chiller cause moving house soon.In working condition. Good for 3 feet tank. Only the on/off switch a bit loose but otherwise fine. Selling for $100.00. Good for beginners ! Sms me at 81831618 if keen. Thanks. wj
  16. Just to update...the artica chiller has been sold and collected. Am selling 2units of Deltec skimmer APF 600 . Both a year plus old. Bought from Reef Depot. Selling at $400 each. Someone wanted to get it but i lost your number. Do sms me again if still keen. sorry about it. My no. is 81831618. Thanks. wj
  17. MD 40 in working condition. collection at toh tuck road.
  18. The 2 tube T5 DE light set has just been sold and collected, Left wilth artica chiller and 2 units APF 600 deltec skimmer.
  19. Now left with the artica 1/4 hp chiller. Also selling 2 units deltec skimmerAPF 600 ithink. around one year old.$400 each. bought for around $900. sms81831618 wj
  20. the items have been sold and collected. Thanks.
  21. Ya, she says many phone calls. Told her no reservation and sell to whoever can collect first Place is toh tuck road.
  22. I have 2 units above skimmer. still in working condition. For sale at $20 each and another to be given free.It is a hang on venturi skimmer of sort. please call my maid at 96439679 to collect if keen . wj
  23. My apology. warranty for artica chillers are 2 years so still valid as it is less than that....
  24. sorry have not been able to post picture but it is well known and can see at Reef Depot. Have two units to sell off . Both in good conditions. sms me again at 81831618 as i have lost the previous enquiries.... thanks..... wj
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