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  1. Many of you have asked abt warranty. Please note that the one year warranty on the chiller is over as it is a year plus. recently serviced by agent.
  2. Resun CL 280 and CL650 have both beensold and collected.Left with following:- 1) Artica chiller 1/4 HP - $900; 2) 3 ft DE T5 w two tubes-$50. sms me at 81831618 if keen. Thanks. wj
  3. the T5 light set has been collected...thanks bro..
  4. 1)The artica chiller is available as supposed buyer backed out. 2)Also available is resun CL 650- one year plus but hardly used cause it is a back-up---$200; 3)One old but working resun chiller CL280- $50. Sms me at 81831618 if serious and keen.Thanks. wj
  5. canister has also been collected.....thanks for your interest>>>
  6. the artica chiller has also been reserved for collection next week....
  7. Guys, The deltec skimmer has been sold and collected. Am waiting for another fellow to collect the Eheim canister. Let you konwif he fails to turn up.....
  8. Hi, Am selling the above items as am planning to do up a whole new bigger tank soon. 1)Deltec hang-on skimmer $300; 2) Eheim big tub canister $150. Sms me at 81831618 if keen. Thanks wj
  9. AM SELLING THE ABOVE SKIMMER FOR $450.00. ONE YEAR PLUS OLD. sms me at 81831618if keen. thanks wj
  10. Hi People, Also have the following items for sale as doing up a 6 feet tank so will be needing bigger equipments: 1) artica chiller 1/4 hp. $900. one year plus and just serviced. 2)3 feet T5 light set by DE light - $100 smsme at 81831618 if keen. Thanks.wj
  11. Also have following new items for sale: 1)Deltec hand on skimmer MCE 600 - $300 2)Eheim big tub canister with pump-$150 sms me at 81831618.thanks.
  12. The Eheim pump has been sold. am left with Resun chiller. Price is now $200.00 and MD 40- $20
  13. tank has been sold and collected today. Thank you
  14. The tee off pipings were custom fixed by DrEvil recently....
  15. Thanks for the clarification bro. Tank has been tentatively reserved for moving on Monday.
  16. Hi people, I have decided to upgrade to a bigger tank and decided to sell the above tank set for $800.00. Please see pictures below. tank is in good condition. It is made of 10' glass with black silicon and sand blast background. Please sms me at 81831618 for faster reply. thanks! wj
  17. Hi people, Sorry . have been busy to attend to your queries . Anyway, am now renewing the sale of the above items except for the reactors which have been sold and collected. Please sms me at 81831618 rather than pm me for faster reply. thanks. wj
  18. sorry, the resun md40 isselling for $30. not $50. one reactor fromRM ,another from AM.
  19. HI, Am sellin the following items as have upgraded the equipments to stronger ones: 1)Eheim1264.about 3 to 4 months old selling $250.00 2)ResunCL650,hardly use as it is a spare chiller in case the running chillers breaks down;selling $250.00 3)two reactors for total $50.Bought for over $200. 4) Resun MD40-used for less than a year-$50 please sms me at 81831618 if keen to get any of the items. collection can be at serangoon garden or near clementi. wj
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