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  1. both tunzes have been reserved. thanks for all your interest.
  2. am selling one tunze 6060for $80 and one 6080 for $100. Both in working condition. decided to change my wavemakers tolees powerful models. sms me at 81831618if keen. wj
  3. Let me know if buyer backs out bro. Am keen to get all. Thanks.
  4. hi bro,am keen to get your majestic. please sms me at 81831618. thanks. wj
  5. hey bro, remember me? keen to get your mystery wrasse. how long with you already anyway?sms me at 94558373 or 81831618. wj
  6. bro, keen to get your scribble angel. sms me at 81831618. what does earspot angel look like??
  7. am keen to buy your regal if still available. sms me at 81831618 or 94558373, Thanks.
  8. Sorry guys, didnt really have time to reply or answer your calls. Anyway, tank is still available cause too busy with work to deal with it and seldom at home. BUT, can view tomorrow at noon for interested parties. Place is at Serangoon Garden.
  9. Dear People, I have closed down my 5 ft quarantine tank . It is made of 12 mm glass with side overflow and a good condition wrought iron stand. Am giving all away free to the first person who can collect them. Call or sms me at 81831618 . WeeJin
  10. skimmer has been sold and collected. Thanks for all your interest!
  11. Price is reduced to $200 for all 3 items as i will be busy with work in the coming weeks. Skimmer in good condition so do sms or call me at 81831618.
  12. Hi People, Sorry been busy during the past week but now got some time to revert to you guys. Please sms or call me at 81831618 for quicker response. Thanks. wj
  13. selling off 3 pieces of huge live rocks bought from coral farm only 4 months ago. selling at only $50 each.Bought at around $600 then. also giving away a four feet tank with cabinet free. sms me at 81831618 if keen.Sorry again no pic but whoever gets it wont regret. wj
  14. Am selling my miniature beckett skimmer with md40 pump and waste collector for $250. In good condition and working well . used for around 1.5 years . Has worked very well for me. Just need to free up more space in my sump so selling it . Bought a smaller deltec skimmer. sms me at 81831618 if keen. sorry no picture at the moment cause no camera with me at the moment but it is in good condition. wj
  15. Pen has been sold and collected last night. Thanks.
  16. The above fishes have been sold and collected, Sorry if i could not reply to some of you fast enough cause i was confused with so many sms yesterday!
  17. Dear People, Am selling some fishes as i am thinking of changing some fish.The following fishes are for sale only to mature tank as they are very established and some hav been with me for over two years: 1) 4.5 inch yellow belly blue tang with me for over 2 years- $25 2) 2 inch purple tang with me for over a year-$25 3) 6 inch blue face angel with me for one year -$50 4) 3 inch chocolate tang withme for 3 months-$40 5) two 1.5 inch blue tang with me for 4 months - $15 each Pictures of the fishes taken this evening are below. Please sms me at 81831618 for reply. Thanks. wj
  18. it is a very common and accurate PH monitor. You can check it out at most marine fish shops. It has a pen-like probe that is placed in the tank and a monitor which shows the reading.
  19. Dear People, I am selling the above PinPoint PH monitor for $100. Kindly sms me at 81831618 for quicker reply. Thanks wj
  20. The skimmer is still available and in good condition with a new Beckett head with silencer....
  21. Skimmer has been sold and collected. Thanks for your interest. wj
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