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  1. ya.It is a bit big but oversized is ok if your sump tank can accomodate.
  2. Hi People, Am selling the above as good as brand new skimmer for $450 neg. I have only used it for three days for find it too small for my 5 feet haevily stocked tank so have bought another bigger Deltec skimmer. Do call or sms me at 81831618 if interested. Thanks. wj
  3. Sorry i have been busy with work the last few weeks and have not been able to revert properly to the few people who had indicated interest. So am opening the offer for sale again. This time my price is $300 for the Beckett skimmer and waste collector. Kindly call or sms me at 81831618 if interested. Thanks. wj
  4. am selling the big beckett with waste collector. only no pump $350
  5. yes price is very good for those who know this product.....it is just too undersize for my five feet tank with heavy load
  6. price is reduced to $500 for fast sale for this as good as brand new skimmer....
  7. think the shop i bought the tank from is closed down already. the background is sandblast..
  8. the tank cost about 2000 plus.tank and cabinet were purchased separately...... sorry i reply so late.
  9. Thanks for all your supporting words....here is a clearer picture of the skimmer..
  10. am selling the above skimmer as it is too small for my tank . I just bought a deltec 701 today so have to sell the schuran to cover some losses. The schuran skimmer costs $750 new but am letting go for $600 cause as good as new. It comes with an Aquabee pump 2000l. call or sms me at 81831618 if your tank can use this good skimmer.Please see picture below... cheers. wj
  11. i find it amusing but as stated the new beckett head just cost me $100.00. So $400 for the whole set is reasonable if you are looking for this skimmer. Cheers!!
  12. Hi sorry for not being able to attend to all your enquiries the past few days cause very busy at work. I will be able to now with the weekend here. Do sms me at the abovesaid numbers if interested.
  13. The skimmer has been sold and delivered. Thanks .
  14. no worries bro. One should only get it if it is suitable for your tank. cheers
  15. People, Am also selling off the above skimmer purchased from Aqua marin about a month ago. I still have receipt.It costs me $400 with the waste collector. Am selling off for $250. It is good for up to 3 feet tank and is based on the needle wheel system. Selling cause i feel insufficient for my 5 ft tank. It is 2 ft high . See picture below. Interested party please contact me by phone for faster reply. Numbers 94558373 and 81831618. Thanks wee jin
  16. People, I have just upgraded my skimmers to Deltec and Schuran skimmers thus selling the above. The Beckett was purchased from Bio Ocean about one half years ago and has been working well for me. It is 2 and half feet high and has an 8 inch diameter chamber. Good for four to 6 feet tank. I have also just replaced the beckett with a brand new one which cost me $100. Those interested may contact me at 94558373 or 81831618. My place is near Bukit Batok. Am selling all three items for $400. See picture below. Thanks. wee jin
  17. i note the interest generated. will try to post a pic soon.... hope to get a good shot of those ti........
  18. haha... i am not exactly wrong though. right?
  19. Hi, am selling my rose tip anemone for $30 . been with me for more than a year. good size cause not big at all . It is about 2 inches when open.sms me at 81831618 if interested. cheers wee jin
  20. can anyone tell me how to contact Glare? Thanks
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