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  1. Looks like a shop that sells china made products at US prices. I would not buy a filter from there.
  2. Yes the DIY Chaetofuge worked quite well, I definitely recommend it for anyone who is running sumpless, or if you want to free up more space in your sump. There were only 2 small problems with my build. It would have worked better with more light, I reckon a 1.5ft PL or an LED arrangement would have worked much better. The second small problem is its quite a hassle to disconnect the FR to harvest chaeto from the FR, so you might want to provision for on/off valves when you do this.
  3. Its been an educational 8 months for this tank. I don't have the confidence to attempt SPS with this tank, so I will be decommissioning it before I move to something bigger! Been dreaming of a shallow rimless tank for the last few months, I think I will sell off everything then start planning shortly!
  4. Reef Depot also carries. And I suspect AM will also have, seeing as they sell this model too.
  5. yah can give them a call, if I recall correctly it was around $10 for a bag (by my estimation about 300 - 500g of resin) More than enough to refill 1 Crystal Pro DI cartridge. Seems like they superglued the cartridge shut to prevent refilling though, and I don't think using solvents on the cartridge would be a good idea. Any bros have managed to refill their crystal pro DI Cartridges care to share how you did it?
  6. yah 40L is going to be over 40kg per bag, many people will not be able to conveniently move such large bags, lol.
  7. I might have something along the lines of what you had in mind, I'll send you a PM.
  8. Can try Nature Aquarium in Balestier also. I've been staring at my expended Crystal pro cartridges to figure out how I can open it non-destructively. What system are you using for DI? Contact details. Nature Aquarium (Nature, NA) Blk 1, Thomson Road, #01-340, Balestier Hill Shopping Centre, Singapore 300001 Contact Person: Mr Chan Tel: 6255 6051 Hours: Mondays to Saturdays opened till 8pm, Sundays till 5.30pm
  9. The only real issue with using NSW aside from possible pathogens or contamination, is you need to lug it around, for larger tanks its really not practical. You need to make sure you maintain water change discipline, which can be a lot harder when you have to lug potentially 50kg - 100kg of water around every few weeks or month.
  10. Wow can't wait to see pics from both of you, I've been considering a shallow rimless tank for awhile as well. Will be time to upgrade from my nano soon, this thread is pretty poisonous!
  11. Can try calling Petmart to get a quote, no idea offhand, but their prices are quite ok, and more importantly they usually have stock on hand.
  12. Are any going to be for sale?
  13. Why not consider Hailea as well? Most of us prefer Hailea over Resun by far, and its comparable in price, which is to say vastly cheaper than Teco, Arctica etc.
  14. The employee who blew the whistle on pfizer is getting over USD$50 million for the reward... Can buy a very very big tank...
  15. lol I was thinking exactly along these lines.
  16. Nature Aquarium in Balestier sells loose packs of de ionizing resin. I think Petmart in hougang does also.
  17. Joes Juice works very well, the aiptasia die and melt within 30 seconds of application. I bought mine from AM in Paya Lebar. I did experience some seemingly coincidental coral fatalities in the weeks after I first used it though. (Strawberry Coral and Tree branch coral both died mysteriously)
  18. My pink blasto from GO also recently had this problem. Its been growing nicely and showing great colour for more than four months, then a few weeks ago it just started shrinking, and now most of its skeleton is showing
  19. my native rez is 1920x1200 24" LCD. btw 1680x900 is a non-standard format, 22" LCDs typically have 1680x1050 as their resolution. I voted 1280x1024, most common resolution I could find on the list. The LCDs predominantly being used and sold these days are 19" and 22" 16:9 ratio panels.
  20. GO carries Hikari Frozen Rotifers. I'm sure many of the other LFS with a freezer chest do also.
  21. AM also have a lot in stock, retailing at under half your budget.
  22. cute. what are you feeding froggy? or more rather what will she eat at the moment?
  23. Umm is this a porcupine? as in the mammal and non-marine?
  24. Henry's Food you can buy from Marine Life Hobbielist (check LFS directory for directions, its Clementi area) Hikari frozen Mysis comes foil packed with individual cubes, not in a big bag, you can buy it at almost all LFS.
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