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  1. letting go my beloved fishes. All have been with me for at least 2 years unless otherwise stated. Healthy and fat, feeding on pellets and seaweed. 1) Gem Tang (4 inch)- $2000 2) 1 pair cross hatch (male and female) trigger - $2000 *only feeds on market prawn. been with me for about 1 year 3) small black tang (2 inch) - $700 4) Show size black tang (6 inch)- $700 5) Black ice clown fish (1 inch)- $150 6) picasso clown fish (1inch) - $120 fishes are not caught yet. buyer will need to pick up the fishes as soon as i catch in order to reduce stress. please con
  2. Still available. Price negotiable. Contact me at 96232880. Thanks.
  3. Have kept this gem for one and half year. Happiest in Low light medium flow Opens up to a small fist. Golden hammer from Aussie. $450. Collection at kovan area. Pls contact me at 96232880.
  4. Bro, red stag still avail? If so, please reserve for me.
  5. I'm using this... http://m.oralb.com/products/vitality-floss-action
  6. Any electric toothbrush is naturally waterproof. Look for the rechargeable type so that theres no opening to the battery pack. choose a harder bristle. I've been brushing my rocks with the same toothbrush for 2 years. Just change the bristle when it wears out.
  7. Big frag reserved by clement. Will update if any of the buyers back out. Thanks for your support.
  8. Small frag reserved by ezman Medium frag reserved by fishy_dude Biggest frag - available
  9. Selling purple efflatounaria. Only 3 frags available WYSIWYG Small frag - $10 Medium frag - $20 Big frag - $50 Collection at kovan road postal code 547780 Contact me at 96232880.
  10. That's exactly what happened. Tissue detaching from skeleton at an alarming rate. Mostly from millies.
  11. Cannot conclude that it's biopellet cos I've been using biopellet for almost a year now when this happened. And apart from biopellet, I've also stopped all additives and go back to basics monitoring the water parameters closely. Still suffering the consequences of this incident.. I'm seeing tissue peeling from one or two heads of my royal blue Millie and snipping it off in an attempt to save the rest.
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