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  1. Selling $80. Collect in jurong West. Bring own bag please.
  2. $5 Per polyp. Red or green same price. Collect in jurong West.
  3. 2x Green stripes mushroom and metallic 1x red mushroom $20. Collect in jurong West.
  4. Selling below for $45. Collect in jurong.
  5. Found red with blue spots. Still looking for more types. Or any other discosoma or rohdactic. Feel free to pm me pics and asking price.
  6. As above. Please pm me if letting go. Thanks.
  7. Looking for the above. I'm in the West. Pm me with age and price of the light. Thanks.
  8. 2 rocks of mushrooms Selling $20 EACH. 4 polyps per rock. Collect jurong West.
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