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  1. Hi, giving up tomato Clownfish. Around 2.5 inch Self collect at clementi. Please pm.
  2. Hi Reefers, Looking for one. Please PM know if you are letting go. Thanks.
  3. Bought from a reefer couple of months ago. Hardy. Feed on market prawn. Selling at $25 same price I got it. Collect at clementi.
  4. Collected. Apology to those I didn't manage to reply
  5. As above. Interested please pm Collection at clementi
  6. Giving away for free. Dead sand. One pail full. Used to be caribsea (i think it's bimini) Collect at clementi. Please pm
  7. Selling Clown triggerfish. Kept for 3 months. Some injury near tail due to fighting. Feed on pellets and market prawn. $40. Collect at clementi
  8. Thanks bro. Looking for bigger ones like blueface or majestic
  9. Looking for large sizes 4 inches and above. Please pm.
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