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  1. Adult size. Full coloration. Feed on market prawn. Only keep with fish of same aggression. Selling for $65. Collect at clementi
  2. Letting go 2x for $10. Self collect at clementi Interested please pm..
  3. Hi, looking for orange back, lubbock, and others that you may have. Please pm. Thx
  4. Selling as a package $15 - Coral banded shrimp x1 - Nassarius snail x5 Collect at clementi. Fcfs
  5. Looking for one or a pair. Let me know if you are selling
  6. Letting go cause looking for a bigger one 5-6 inches . (if you have one for trade, let me know) Kept for 4 months. Between 2 to 3 inches. Eats pellets and frozen food. $50. Collect at clementi
  7. Hi bro, I'm interested. Will take all
  8. Kept for 3 months. Around 3 inch plus. Keeping bigger trigger, so letting go this docile one. Selling for $30. Please pm. Collect at clementi
  9. Looking for different kinds. Please pm if you are selling
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