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  1. Hi, looking for one small to mid size clown trigger. Please pm.
  2. Reserved pending collection this afternoon. Paiseh for the late update
  3. Reducing bioload. Very stable fish. Selling for $25. Collect at clementi
  4. Withdrawn from sales. Mod please close thread. Thanks
  5. Hi, Selling fishes. Stable. Kept over 2 years in tank. Reducing bioload Yellow foxface rabbitfish magnificent foxface rabbitfish Both rabbifish for $50. Redsea sailfin tang : $40 Collection at clementi
  6. Hi bro/sis, Looking for one kept by reefer . Please pm
  7. Reducing bioload. Beautiful piece. Approx 5 inch. Kept for 1 year). Selling for $60.Self collect at clementi. Ps : unable to attach pic. Please PM
  8. Upz. Feeding well on pellets and mysis
  9. Upz. Undulated trigger $15 Picasso trigger $20
  10. Selling for $220. Used since Jan 2022, 8 hr light period daily for lps softie tank. White color. Comes with gooseneck holder. Collect at clementi.
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