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  1. Price reduced to $15. Feeding on pellets
  2. Hi, looking for one kept by reefers for at least 3 months. Please pm.
  3. Reduce bioload.size close to 4 inches. Doesn't bully other fish. Feed on pellets and frozen food. Collect at clementi. $25
  4. Looking for some to improve my bio filter. Please pm. Thanks
  5. Size is around 5 inch. Kept for 1.5 months. Can feed on pellet, but a bit slow to the food. Bought for $50, selling for $30. Reason for selling: reduce bioload (have to feed it frozen prawns as it gets out-compete for pellets) Self collect at clementi
  6. Price reduced to $60. Priority to those who could deal sooner.
  7. Hi bro Simon, think some error in your number. can't get through
  8. Selling a 5-6 inch adult emperor fish. Kept for 2 months. Eating well on pellets. Reason for selling: introduced a juvenile emperor. Can't get along Selling $80. Collect at clementi
  9. Picasso sold. 2x electric blue legged hermit, reduced to both for $10
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