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  1. Upz. Feeding well on pellets and mysis
  2. Upz. Undulated trigger $15 Picasso trigger $20
  3. Selling for $220. Used since Jan 2022, 8 hr light period daily for lps softie tank. White color. Comes with gooseneck holder. Collect at clementi.
  4. This was how it look. Decom and ready to go. Light not included. Selling equipment separately or topped up with the set if you want.
  5. Hi guys Selling 2ft cube cabinet tank with sump. White color. Looking at $200. Top up $150 for Ecotech S1 return pump Brand: Exquisite aquarium. Comes with wavebox and very well designed sump. Will share pictures later.
  6. Selling cause decomming tank: Undulated $20 Blueline $50 Picasso $20 Self collect at clementi
  7. Hi experts, anyone know what is this fish?
  8. Hi, selling 1.5 inch percula clown. Kept for 1 month plus . $15 Self collect at clementi
  9. Coral beauty sold. Percula clown reduced to $20
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