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  1. Fishes and starfish given away. Thank you all for your interest. Do not PM me anymore. Thread Close
  2. As per title. Collection in Bishan, first come first serve Please bring ur own pail/plastic bag/water Interested pls PM me. Thank you!
  3. its been a good 1.5yrs since I decom, heart starting to ich

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    2. yongshun


      once a reefer, forever a reefer! :)

    3. yusoff06


      just go with the flow bro.

    4. Jameshong


      Just follow your heart.

  4. I have the following items for sale: Jerry Cans $15 each Big Black Tub $35 Frozen mysis (9packets) with other supplements $30 - Garlic Xtreme 90% full - Phytoplan 50% full - Zoplan 50% full - Sea Veggie 80% full Biohome Plus - 3.5kg (less than 2% grey (biohome)) I have packed them in packets of 500g $10/500g, or $20/kg Total: $70 Pirority would be given to those who can take all or most of the bags. Interested parties please drop me a PM. Thank you!
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