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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Optyxi/videos/10153847334583152/?hc_location=ufi
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Optyxi/videos/10153847332178152/?hc_location=ufi
  3. When you are experiencing difficulty in removing the pump due to new O-ring, you may need a long nose plier or something that can help turn and release the pump
  4. 2500 including transportation, minus the return pump... Transportation alone cost 850..
  5. Will adding fuse be useful here..... Fast blow for the controller and Slow blow for the Chiller...
  6. , u may wanna take a look at weldon 42 too
  7. Good day, I have a 4-5 months old fresh water tank setup for sale at 4.8K (neg), can be use for marine setup Pls see attached for equipment list. Interested pls pm. Thank you
  8. Disclaimer - Reefers who are not competent in DIYing electrical stuff, please consult a friend or LFS. The diagram posted is solely for reference and discussion only, I shall not be held responsible for mishaps or negligence on your part.
  9. It's cfm as describe above... do take note of the Ont / Oft dOn / dOF settings.
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