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  1. Cannot remember the price but I remember it wasnt very expensive. Just one fan with a seperate power. For the whole lightset, I need 4 power points.
  2. The cooling fan is not must have but a good to have. I got advice from a bro here that cooler ballasts will have better efficiency that will maximise the output more consistently. Btw, i bought mine from DE more than 2 years ago, not recent.
  3. They do have stand for DE Lighting Retrofit.
  4. Jane, Check this out http://divehappy.com/malaysia/dhl-sponsors-reef-creation-on-malaysian-island/
  5. jacky, we can replace the zeovit with vodka,carbon source also, she wouldn't know, only with more algae in her tank afterwards....
  6. Don't think from me.... she must have got the Reef bug fm you guys.... Maybe she took sick leave to look after the fishes and the seehum at home... who knows? I also sick, but from work
  7. 1)Kelvin70 2) Raydiative (Simei) 3) Justin @ Pasir ris 4) digibee 5) peacemaker 6) dachkie (tampines) 7) nwyk153(tampines) 8) dazza ( Siglap ) 9) samsies 10) eChan
  8. Selling 9.8/10 condition Illummax Compact T5 2x24W lightset at SGD50. 1x marine blue and 1 x day light Use barely a week. Upgrade to a 6 tube DE lightings set Please PM me. Collection at Tampines
  9. Hi, may i know where is T95? tks
  10. Thanks Solo77 for your advice. For now I think I shall leave it there first and monitor for the amonia and NOs cycle. Btw, I've LR and bateria dose. Running the skimmer though.
  11. I'm cycling my tank now, Day 3. I've placed media like Seachem Seagel (carbon and phosphate remover) and Denitrate in my sump, is it appopriate at this stage? Should I remove it until it is cycled?
  12. Great! I'm heading somewhere now. Thank you all
  13. OK got it. Actually my tank will be 2x2x1.5ft. if that is the case, should it be minium of a 1260? then i will go for 32mm in and 25mm as recommended.
  14. OK got it. Actually my tank will be 2x2x1.5ft. if that is the case, should it be minium of a 1260? then i will go for 32mm in and 25mm as recommended.
  15. Thank you very much for ur reply. Indeed good info for me as I'm heading no where to get such info in the past few days.... I will be getting an Ehiem 1250 (1200l/h), will it be under powered? shall i then downsize the pipe to 25mm overflow and 20mm return? Sorry, what do u mean by overflow width not less than 10 inches? Can elaborate cos i'm new to this. For the DIN standpipe, have to DIY rite?
  16. Should i get a 1.5" (is't too small) pipe for inlet to sump and 1" pipe for return? Ok for a 2ft tank? Can someone advice?
  17. I intend to DIY an overflow system for a 2x2x1.5feet tank. Went to Alantic tank maker today and was stuck with questions. Need to know what will be the recommended diameter of the inflow pipe from the overflow chamber becuase I need to adv the tank maker to drill the hole. At the same time, any one can share or adv a good design, like what will be the design for the pipe in the overflow chamber, inflow and return piping design coz i intend to DIY the piping system. Btw, I'm a newbie and wanted to setup a FOWLR tank. Thank you!
  18. OK, look like I need to have lotsa experience with marine before i can go into SH. If for FOWLR, is such a setup suitable for a begginer? Would like to hear some advice on my tank size and equipments
  19. Thanks! If for hardy fishes, is such a setup ok?
  20. Hi Snrs, I'm interested to setup a SH tank and have a few qns to consult. - Intended Tank Size 60X60X45CM (162l) w/o sump/overflow - Intend to use a Tuneze Nano Reefpack 200 or Rea Sea Prizm - currently got a Eheim 2213 Cannister Pump, intend to put in LR (read in the other thread) to supplement the skimmer, is it advisable? And also intend to put in LR and live sand in the tank. May i know will the above be a sustainable system to keep SH? I'm new to marine, btw. Thanks
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