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  1. Thanks.. Did nothing much.. Jus leave it there and it starts growing.. Might be due to the high nutrients in my tank..
  2. When I bought it, only got 1 polyp, now growing well..
  3. That's looks like Alien Inferno.. Mine below..
  4. Great setup!! You have to see it to believe it!!
  5. Some new additions Alien Inferno Utter Chaos
  6. Good Night Reefers... Purple Efflatounaria
  7. A start of a new week.. Candy Apple
  8. A Bubble a day keeps the doctor away...
  9. It's normal for a newly acquired fish not to eat anything as they are still acclimating to the new environment. Give it some time and I'm sure they will eat.. Seaweed and algae works best to strengthen their immune system..
  10. **Bam Bam** for the long weekend everyone!!! God night!!!
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