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  1. guys i will start to pm you all now all confirm order will be shown on the main topic. cheers
  2. due to so many pm ah i reply slowly okie wait for my reply
  3. Hi guys, I will be selling away all my stuffs by this weekend due to upgrading of place and also will be stopping the hobby for a while. i hope you guys will take care of the corals. 1 Tank 2x1.5x1.5 black silicone 1 Black cabinate wif lots of storage 1 diy moonlight 1 pl light set 1 purple tang 1 unknown tang 1 cleaner shrimp 1 boxer shrimp 1 green brain 1 green prata 1 pearl cateye bubble palm size 1 elephant ear ( when open size of a palm ) 7 heads hammers green and purple lots of live rocks 0 grade sand Buy all at a wonderful best bargain
  4. all price neg must clear by this weekend!!!!
  5. Filter sold already and got no overflow box Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Clam- sold Green bubble- sold Pearl Cateye Bubble- $38 Elephant ear-$48 Green Prata- $38 Purple Tang- $30 Cleaner Shrimp-$18 Boxer Shrimp- $8 2 feet tank with cabinate all in gd condition- $130 2 feet 55 watts PL Light- $35 Electrical stuffs and the tank will be sold after all livestocks are gone. But can reserved them first. Collection place is Sengkang area. Please contact me @ 90232219. Thanks Price neg. First come first serve.
  7. all price neg can collect tomolo morning if you all want
  8. hi bros clam sold already others still have
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