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  1. beautiful specimen from reborn!
  2. bartlett anthias from iwarna - bought 5 but seems like left with 3!
  3. very depressing... stupid sea cucumber found its way into one of the pumps and got minced. all my fishes are now dead. now have to try and save the corals...
  4. anyone? the fish is 8cm and very nice color. definitely feeding (knowing how greedy clownfishes are). please respond only if ur tank condition is suitable (i.e. not small tanks). this bugger needs lots of space. can arrange for collection today!
  5. Hi, 1) Its very easy to plan your own travel to Bali. I did that when I last went. Bali is a very small island and very easy to get around. No point letting the travel agencies earn ur money. You can book accommodations directly quite easily. 2) The island is surrounded by dive sites and the good ones congregate around tulamben area where there is a wreck just off the shore. but i do believe that the whole area is a marine park. In any case, please avoid taking anything from the ocean. Be a responsible reefer/diver. 3) good quality accommodations are aplenty... but very expensive. You'll find most of the 5 star hotel chains located @ jimbaran and nusa dua. i suggest inter-continental and ritz-carlton if $$ is not an issue... you'll definitely be very pampered. Otherwise its also quite easy to find rental properties for short stay that comes with a housekeeper (who also cooks) and driver. 4) definitely easy to find good massage on the island but once again, they can be very expensive. 5) avoid places with caucasians if u dun want to get bombed... just kidding... i think the island is relatively safe (and everything is predestined) but of course, probability of getting bombed is higher in crowded places for obvious reasons. 6) surfing is good on many of the beaches but the most popular one is probably kuta 7) to enjoy the cultural side of bali, ubud is the place to go. you'll find art galleries and museums here 8) please bargain, otherwise you WILL be ripped off...
  6. please note... collection @ tampines. leave contact number if interested.
  7. hi, i have the following clown fish for adoption. please email abs_vodka@hotmail.com if u're interested. will not respond to thread. * fish only hor... no anemone included *
  8. another batch of turbo snails for sale!
  9. Anyone keen to go diving to Tioman? I'm organising a trip there from 23 - 25 June and still have a couple of slots. Cost is S$375
  10. ave. size 4cm please pm if u're interested. one for 80 cents three for $2
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