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  1. Good point, that would be a strong addition. thanks both
  2. Hi, Looking for some advice from the experienced folks here on my stocking list/approach for my new tank. I have a cycled ~45G FOWLR tank (with a good amount of rock and skimmer), currently with a yellow wrasse and 2 nassarius snails. Wanted to introduce next addition - was thinking 2 clown fish and turbo snail. Then finally maybe an angel, foxface (or similar), star and cleaner shrimp. Maybe stop there. Any thoughts on the additions, the order and timelines? Also interested if better LS options - still a beginner.. Many thanks all!
  3. Anyone have a view on caribsea live rock vs buying from LFS?
  4. Hi all! Setting up a new 3ft FOWLR tank after many years away from the hobby. I couldn't easily find a sticky on this so thought I would ask - where do people recommend I can buy a whole bunch of live rock for my setup? Obviously looking for a good deal.. And perhaps at the same time, can someone recommend some good fish shops - not sure if most of the places I used to go to are still open as it's been almost 5 years away from this. Would want to get started with a few fish (clowns, etc) and a clean up crew... Thanks!
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