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  1. Got 2x 1pp paly grandis $50 ea 5 frags of purples bees from this colony 3-5 polyps ea $20/frag Will trade for zoas with similar value Or will top up accordingly Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. bluspoon

    WTT zoas

    Green implosion also for trade Whole rock about 20+ polyp Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. bluspoon

    WTT zoas

    Looking to trade this for some other zoas! Hmu Have multiple frags From 3 polyps to 10 polyps Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Keen on some rocks if u wanna let go. Pm me
  5. I was thinking of keeping rics and some softies with zoas and more zoas.. i like zoas and rics:D
  6. Hey guys ! been on a hiatus for about 2 years now .. since the release of the latest dymax iq3/5 ive been very keen on starting a pico again ! just asking if any fellow reefers have succesfully kept iq3/5 ? thinking of zoas and maybe rics ... and if i can a pair of percs running without a sump etc currently dont have any equipment left on me .. sold them all or gave away 2 years back do i really need a chiller , fr , cr, skimmer etc ? thanks for your help guys !! if anyone has a iq3/5 to sell do pm me:D
  7. all items sold except for the skimmer for those sms-ed me about the skimmer pls sms again my phone conked out cuz salt water got to it thanks using a temp phone same number 96817001 will start a new thread thansk
  8. reef octopus skimmer + pump $150 reef octopus fluidised reactor + pump(pump is slightly faulty) $30obo 4.5ft tank + 3ft 3section sump + stand stand slightly rusty tank is IOS centre column over flow has a scratch in the front quite long but not very visible $50 obo resun cl650 chiller working condition ext dusty thats about it $100 obo metal halide 5ft twin end bulb 2 bulbs.. 1 bulb i tink is faulty as wont on.. selling very cheap $50 obo hammer coral about palm size or bigger $25 obo leather coral x2 about palm size $5 ea obo live rock + dead rock take the whole lot for $30 black occelaris clown 2inch free if u buy the leather as it homes in the leather sailfin tang 2.5 inches $10 a whole bunch of additives magnesium calcium , trace element, active carbon and alot more for $50 pictures coming very soon. fishes are feeding on frozen and dried food. if u tink my prices are high .. feel free to offer me what you think is suitable .. all collection to be done at potong pasir sms me at 96817001 to offer or to deal price stated is jus a guage i dunno the market values of the items. deal at price stated or best offer jus offer me as im moving house and want to clear fast. dun low ball and offer me like 10/20 bucks for a 100+ item can liao cheers !
  9. im interested pls sms me at 96817001 thanks
  10. WOW ... looking at this thread makes me drool sia
  11. interested in ur seio 820 sms me at 96817001
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