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  1. you may find this useful http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/using-ozone-nutri-fix-pellets
  2. where is a shot with my algae goby
  3. after a few days it has done with his withdrawal syndrome and now is darting in and out cervices and caves checking out the back portion now moving to the other side of the tank
  4. the skimmate after 1 day the skimmer took more than 18 hrs to break in IMO as there were still mirco bubbles coming into the tank
  5. Final picture: I dun want comment about the workmanship, but prefer to comment on the features. - Like the moveable return outlet
  6. I wanted SC1455, cheaper and no need feeder pump, and can fit. But was convinced this one as it has disfuser plate and suitable for even my 120G Plus the agreement was...if cannot fit, i will not pay grinning-smiley-043.gif
  7. What do we have here? nicely wrapped in bubble bags I expecting it to be same size as Skimz SM201, but it is smaller.
  8. Birdnest that keeps growing green mushroom gift from fren another piece - branching octopus i love u
  9. Old Blastomussa > 1 yr and blue clam
  10. some pictures: Anchor hosted by my aquacultured true percula clown
  11. took some tests PO4 Alk is on a low side, 7.28dkh, i will have to buff it up Calcium even these kits have a margin of error. I think my Hanna PO4 has an margin of error of 0.03ppm compared to the Milwaukee Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter- MI412 when i last checked Nitrate is between 0ppm to 5ppm (based on API)
  12. Hey bro...decom long time ago jor
  13. The cabinet has internal space of 34inches length and 24inches width, spacious to hold my dry stuff and sump. This reef's filtration relies on Rowaphos on TLF reactor on Eheim 600 and TLF biopellet on Eheim 1000 the return pipes from the reactor goes into 2 sock filter, 1 is finer than the other. If you notice the water from the aquarium goes to an antisplash chamber before flowing into 2 socks filter. not sure if i continue to use the finer sock in future. but at the moment i shall as i wish to "polish" the water. And i need to make the pipes longer to red
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