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  1. im keen. wats the model? can sms me 96811038, thanks.
  2. pm me if u have one for sale. thanks.
  3. looking for cl-200, cl-280 or equivalent or smallest artica unit. teco oso can. juz price must be low and in good working condition can liao. sms me 96811038, thanks.
  4. looking for a temperature controller to turn on/off my chiller for my nano shrimp tank. can be new or used. anyone know who can service chiller? cos they may have lobang for cheap controller??? pm me, thanks!
  5. PM me with details and ur asking price, thanks!
  6. reserved for user for 2 weeks but in the end, user changed plan so ice probe up for sale again. pm or sms me, thanks.
  7. tentatively reserved till this weekend. will update status. thanks to all who called.
  8. have a spare used iceprobe for sale. come with temperature controller. in good condition. unit about 1+ year old. found that i dun need 2 units to cool my tank, hence letting one go to pay for my crs good for nano tank cooling. selling at S$180, self collect from yew tee area. PM or SMS 96811038. thanks! Coolworks IceProbe
  9. anyone got used iceprobe for sale? pls pm me with details. thanks!
  10. maybe instead of upzzz, you should consider down?
  11. pardon my stupidity but a new set of the same unit is only $98?
  12. prefer white laminate cabinet but others will be considered. pls pm me with full description, condition, price and ur contact number. thanks!
  13. bro min, continue story leh. not everyone knows mah
  14. pangz, yea wish was my wish car but i avoided it becos only from pi. 10 yr commitment and i dun want to have sleepless nite wondering who i can trust to service my car. im not those that is comfortable going to a normal garage. i always go authorized distributor workshop. they screw up, i screw them.
  15. why need a watch? look at handphone can see time liao.
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