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  1. Giving away liverocks and resin rocks. More than enough to fill up 5ft tank. Collect in Woodlands Msg me 88I89698
  2. Wow that's an awesome build. Looking forward to more updates!
  3. Bro, i had a hard time collecting these zoas. Visited at least 20 over reefers home to collect these zoas. The rest are mainly from Jackie, Cool Guy and Joep!
  4. :-) Maybe used to be rare but now very common.
  5. Pacific Reef Bali Shipment (10/12/2015) ´╗┐Common Name Scientific NameFlagfin Angelfish M Apolemichthys TrimaculatusGolden Angelfish Centropyge AurantiacusPottery Angelfish Centropyge EibliBlue Pygmy Angelfish Centropyge FlavicaudaMidnight Angelfish Centropyge NoxMelas Angelfish Centropyge TibicenHalf Black Angelfish Centropyge VrolikiSingapore Angelfish MS Chaetodontoplus MesoleucusIndian Yellowtail Angelfish L/M Apolemichthys XanthurusMajestic Angelfish M Euxiphipops NavarcusSix Bar Angelfish M Euxiphipops SextriatusEmperor Angelfish M Pomacanthus ImperatorEmperor Angelfish juv L/M Pomacanthu
  6. Pacific Reef Philippines Shipment (09/12/2015) ´╗┐Common Name Scientific Name Size Tomato Clown Amphi prion Frenatus L Tomato Clown Amphi prion Frenatus M Tomato Clown Amphi prion Frenatus S Tomato Clown Amphi prion Frenatus T Maroon clown Premmas Biaculeatus S Maroon clown Premmas Biaculeatus M Pink Skunk Clown Amhiprion Perdiraion Crown shell Charonia tritones Dove shell Columbella duclosiana Flame Scallop Phramantellum Vigens SM African Clown Amphiprion Clarkii Ordinary hermit crab Paguroidea sp. Three Stripes Damsel Dascyllus Aruanus Ordinary sea slug Glosodoris Striata Pink Damsel
  7. Utter Chaos Palys. Newly frag from my kaki.
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