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  1. Anyone with some to spare?Prefer in the West side. Thanks! Whatsapp:91509102
  2. I bought an extra bag of Caribsea FIJI pink(Unopened) ' Let me know if you are keen.
  3. Hi all i have a 14k(3white 2 blue) PAR38 and would like to swop for a 20k(3 blue 2 white).[bought from madpetz] Bulb used for only 1.5 months. PM me if you would like to swop!Thanks!
  4. yeap it is a nano/pico setup...planning on a 30litre display and a small sump(20litre or 40 litre sump)planning to use a rio 10HF or eheim 1250(abit high unless i get a good price off pasar malam thread)
  5. Just need to ask a quick question from experience bros here. If the overflow box rating is 1200l/hr,what is the reccomended return pump rating if it has to go through a chiller. Help much appreciated!
  6. I recently have some aiptasia popping up...was thinking of adding one or 2 peppermints in my pico tank to try rectify the problem...but I already have a pistol shrimp in the tank and was wondering would the pistol shoot/kill/eat the peppermint. My tank is also a pico so the chance of the peppermint venturing to the pistol territory might be higher? Help appreciated!!!!
  7. Care to share your equipments? Curious to know how are your SPS fairing in a nano tank!
  8. woo! just saw the trailer looks really exciting!!!Might want to try it~
  9. Wow!adjustable LED!!! Just wondering whether you know how to program the LEDs to dim with a controller!That would be awesome!
  10. Oh, hahah forgot to paste the link http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2009-04/diy/index.php
  11. Hey kimkim, was surfing on reefkeeping and saw this light hanger. Might not be that expensive to do...just need to find a metal shop i think..would be a good way to hang your light.
  12. Good work on the prata's~~HAhA! Man those CREE's are poisonous!!!
  13. Wow!!!nice tank!! How high is the PAR 38 placed above the tank?
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