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  1. Apology bro, due to some unforeseen circumstances sales will be pulled out. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  2. Due to overseas travel, decided to decom my 2 feet tank with equipment.Prefer to sell everything as a package but if no taken, will be breaking down items individually for sale.Below will be items included for this sale.2x2x1.5(h) tank 3 side crystal glass with sump and cabinet.Maxspect razor 120w 16kDD FRx2 comes with BPDD FL2000 pump for FREhiem 1260 as return pumpBM Nac 5.5 skimmer with original pumpFilter socks holderRefractometerSalifert No3 & Po4 test kit only used few timeDD ca, mg, kh test kit only used onceAuto top up device from fish street never used before.Red led light for ref
  3. Hate it when they decided to turn "white" on me.
  4. IMO there's no quick start system for reefing bro. I would suggest you do more read up before buying the setup.
  5. When i grow old i want to keep reef tank like you. Nice tank bro!
  6. Yup I know bro. But if you do some Google search, the result is not accurate using rodi. There's quite alot of such discussion over calibration and majority have experience inaccurate result using rodi.
  7. As above, appreciate if any bro have refractometer calibration fluid to sell or know which LFS do carry them. Thanks!!!
  8. Sold. Mod please close thread thanks.
  9. Currently reserved by a bro will update accordingly. Thanks!
  10. As per title, WM still running on my tank looking at $150 pm to deal thanks.
  11. Yup. That's what I reckon as well. My only concern is only the ill impact that will happen so as to be fully prepared for the worse.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestion and advice bro. I'm doing 100% water change because due to the parameter, all my corals have gone now only left with fishes. Instead of doing graduate water change which will be a tedious process when comes to making RODI water which will be a really slow process. So i'm intending to do 100% water change using NSW for the fastest way to get my tank ready. While ca, mg, alk all can be buffer up gradually. I actually did thought of reset tank but i got no idea where to host my fishes. Currently have 5 fishes which have been with me for years.
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