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  1. Hi, I am interested in the flame angel but can i request for a short video of it. Im Mark Hp.98288403 Pls whatsapps me. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi bro, you have pic of picasso perc clown pair? Can whatsapps? Thanks. Im Mark 98288403.
  3. Hi, can i buy from you. My hp:98288403 Mark. Thanks.
  4. How long you have the PBT? Hp:98288403 Mark.
  5. Hi, i wish to buy the bam bam zoas colony. Im Mark hp:98288403. Thank you.
  6. Hi bro, where to collect? Also around what size? Thanks. My hp:98288403 Mark.
  7. Hi bro, can i reserve 1, 2 and 3. Im Mark hp:98288403
  8. Im interested bro. My hp 98288403. Let me know thanks.
  9. Hi, can i request for powder black tang pictures? Im Mark 98288403hp. Thank you.
  10. Hi bro, i will take it too for my Lavender Stn tank. Im Mark hp:98288403. Remember i bought the koran from you earlier.
  11. Can i request for some pictures of the 3 of neon torch and the 3 bimaculatus anthias? Im Mark. Hp:98288403 Im interested and staying in Sengkang area. Thanks bro.
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