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  1. Is it collect at Sembawang mrt station? I can collect tomorrow around 4plus. Im Mark. Hp:98288403. Let me know. Thanks.
  2. Im interested. May i know where to collect? Im Mark hp:98288403. Thanks.
  3. Hi Eric, do you have pictures of the red zoas. Thanks. Im Mark hp:98288403. Can whatsapp me?
  4. I want to reserve the Powder Blue Tang. Im Mark. Hp:98288403. Thank you.
  5. Preferred around 4inch. Please text me. Hp:98288403. Mark. Thank you.
  6. Do you have any picture for the torch bro? Im Mark Hp:98288403
  7. Hi bro, im interested in the rasta zoas. Can i pick up from you Tuesday morning around 10am? Im Mark hp:98288403 Thanks and Happy Chinese New Year to you.
  8. Im interested. Can i request for the pictures for 6 and 7? Im Mark Hp:98288403 Thank you very much.
  9. Im interested but important where to collect? Im Mark. Hp;98288403
  10. Oh no. So far from my house Sengkang. No luck cannot buy from you. So sorry.
  11. Im interested in both of the 3 head torch. Im Mark hp:98288403. Can collect on Tuesday? Thanks.
  12. Im interested in the kessil light. Im Mark hp:98288403.
  13. The kessil 360 is it come with the gooseneck? Im Mark hp:98288403
  14. Where to collect as i am staying in Sengkang? I am Mark hp:98288403.
  15. Can i buy both but i meet you at Lavender station? Im Mark hp:98288403. Working today. Thank you very much.
  16. Can i buy the mushroom on the rock? Im Mark hp:98288403 Thanks.
  17. Hi, can i get both. Im Mark hp:98288403.
  18. Beautiful colour Collection at Sengkang. My hp:98288403.
  19. Hi, can i buy 2 and 4? Im Mark 98288403.
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