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  1. Whats the price? Pls whatsapp@98288403. Thanks.
  2. Hi bro, can I buy all of them. But can collect on 23/5/22(Monday). As I am collecting others corals as well. Im Mark Hp:98288403. Pls let me know if you are ok. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I looking for Sunny D, rasta, bam bam and rainbow infusion zoas. Can whatsapp with pictures at 98288403(Mark) Thanks.
  4. Hi, Im interested in the sonic flare zoas and fruit loop zoas. Pls whatsapp me at 98288403(Mark). Thanks.
  5. A very Good Morning bro, i want to buy the 20cm rock with multiple zoas. Can the price be lower? Im Mark hp:98288403. I can collect from you today morning. Please let me know. Thank you very much.
  6. Hi, Im Mark. Can I buy the zoas from you? My hp:98288403
  7. Can I buy the zoas? Im Mark hp:98288403. Pls let me know. Thanks.
  8. No prob bro. Let me know if you are selling the zoas. Thank you.
  9. Hi, are you selling the zoas? Im Mark. Hp:98288403
  10. Can I get 1 from you? Im Mark hp:98288403. Thanks.
  11. Hi bro, where to collect? Im Mark 98288403.
  12. Hi bro, do you still have the circle wants. The whole pcs. Hp:98288403 Mark.
  13. Looking for Stable Powder Blue Tang around 10cm. My hp:98288403(Mark)
  14. Carribean peppermint shrimp reserved.
  15. Hi, I am selling 1 of my 3 XL size peppermint shrimp about 5cm at $30. Have them almost 2yrs from only about 1cm plus till now about 5cm. Self collect at Sengkang S544157. Let me know. Mark hp:98288403. 20211227_091318.mp4
  16. Hi, I am looking for zoas colony. Sunny D, Rasta, Bam Bam, etc. Please update me. Thank you. Mark hp:98288403.
  17. Hi bro, do you intend to sell the zoas in the pictures you posted. Im Mark hp:98288403. Do update me if you selling it. Thank you.
  18. Hi, can i get the zoas on the rock from you? Im Mark. My hp:98288403. Thanks.
  19. Hi bro, Im interested on the B pc. My hp:98288403. Im Mark. If you can deliver today Im at Lavender Stn until 12am. Let me know. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.
  20. Its great and wonderful hobby.


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