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  1. Pm me if you have hanna checker for phos. Thks.
  2. Hi Folks, Selling away the equipment as I've decomm my tank. Have attached the pictures. PM me if interested. 1) Reef Octopus skimmer used for many years - FOC if you purchase any other items below 2) Maxspect LED lights R420R used for 3yrs - $250 (inclusive of the add on lens to expand the light coverage) 3) Vortech MP40W used for many years - $50 4) Led Lights - $10 5) Magnesium Mix - $20 6) Calcium Mix (opened) - $10 Will give a bundle price of $300 if you take all 6 items together
  3. Never thought to use this method. Floating rock.
  4. Are the fishes new? Sometimes the ich will go away after they get use to the new environment.
  5. Haha.. okie. Guess I hoping for too much
  6. How does the temp alarm work? Can SMS to mobile?
  7. Can u pm me the contact of your contractor? Thks.
  8. Nice tank. Can I know who built your tank? thks.
  9. Have more frags. Interested party pls pm. Below is a picture of the mother colony.
  10. oh thks! those on LPS forum are super nice
  11. Hi, Anybody know what's this coral called? Thks.
  12. Hi, Interested to swop a monti for SPS frag. Picture below. I've a green monti as well. Pls PM me if you're interested. Collection in the east.
  13. Hi, I've still got 1 set left. Interested party pls PM me. Self collection in the east. Hoping to clear it this wkend
  14. Hi, An interested in this product. Can pm me the cost n place to buy? Thks.
  15. Bid closed. Sold 1 to Dachkie and 1 to cheemi. Thks!
  16. Any last min bids? If not well be selling both to: Cheemi. $198. 2 qty
  17. I've 2 sets of Maxspect LED for sale. Have used them for around 2 yrs. They are working well and selling as upgrading to Razor. Bidding details and photos below. In your bid pls state name, price per set and qty (e.g. apple123, $150, 1qty) Starting bid: $150 per set Min Increment: $5 Ending Date/Time for bid: 10-Nov 23:59 (forum time)
  18. hi, Any help? my acans are receding. water parameters are ok. the only thing i saw was asterina starfish which I've already taken it out...Have also dipped it in coral rx.
  19. Oh great. Good thing I did not throw thks!
  20. Hi, is this reef safe? Whats the name
  21. erh... whats the diff between zoas and palythoas? The one beside is a zoa? Anyway, I'll monitor cos the other zoa (or palythoas) are not opening as big as before. some are closed or half opened
  22. Hi, does anyone know what are these white spots on the zoas? I've dipped it n coral rx. Any other treatment?
  23. Can help me ID this snail? Is it safe for my corals? thks
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