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  1. nice build .. so clean .. cant wait to see all your sps grow ..
  2. Newest update after rescaping.. FTS.. More pic to come
  3. Yea, that's Aquazonic Fixture, i use NSW with TM Salt for adjust my salinity Thx yongshun
  4. U got a nice zoa collection bro..Where do u get em ?
  5. Oh ok, this is my "FERT" Regime.. ~ Add Ca 5 times a week 40ml ~ Add Mg once a week 40ml ~ Add Alk 5 times a Week 40ml ~ Add Strontium Once a week 10ml ~ Add iodine Once for 2 weeks 5ml i'm Use DIY Ca, Mg n Alk, following from Randy Holmes Recipe's For coral food i use : ~ Coral food 5 in 1 Aqpharm 2x @ Week ~ Cyclopeeze 2x @week i'm religiously WC 1x week @30L
  6. Yea, honesly, if I had to choose, I prefer the color that T5NO showing, it's more colorfull, Red, blue, n yellow color more striking.. Little disappointed with new bulb color shown, but, my coral respons very well, n more PAR, which means good for my coral
  7. Update after change my bulb.. Front - Back ATI Blue+ Marine White 14KK Arcadia ATI Blue+ Marine Blue Arcadia Wuuzz... last FTS, before total rescaping..
  8. Thx LAW, ur tank so amazing too..Love ur Zoa collection, n ur Powermodule
  9. IMO, Red Light, more popping color of ur coral, n healing my chalice color from Green and back to red..I dont know bout PAR thing, etc Almost 6 month with T5 NO, im not too disappointed..it's a wise choice for someone who have limited budget !!They do great for LPS n Softies, but honesly,i'm not recommended for SPS 6 Month enough for me,saving my money n buying T5 HO...That's my only reason.. It's more blue in reality... more popping color, because i use more blue than white..7 Blue n 1 White and the important thing is, tuning ur White Balance
  10. This is last FTS before i change my light combo i took 2 White bulb n 1 Red Bulb, so, only 8 Bulb left..1 White n 7 Blue
  11. Truelly i can't control it.. But, i like coral than fish..Only 4 fish in my tank right now..Bi-Blenny, Pink Spotted, True percula clown, n 6 line wrasse.. Please keep in mind 11 T5 Normal Output, not High Output ..8 Blue, 1 Red n 3 White Soon, i'll change to HO with 2 ATI Blue+, Marine Actinic n White Blue 14kk Arcadia..Maybe Next week..
  12. Yupz..that's Black Sun..More annoying than another sun polyp
  13. So Sad, yesterday my Firefish died She Jump away..kill her self i think, because i dont feed her for 3 days Oh Btw, Picture Time.. Some Collection of my zoas.. Actinic Shoot's And My Lovely Dendros.. Can Someone tell me ID of my zoas ?
  14. I'm quite satisfied with this camera, even if I have to getting new camera, I would consider a pocket camera that more complete than this. I just love pocket camera than DSLR..Love the price n so simple lol Thx Wongkk n poomoon Even pocket camera can do it bro.. hehe Yea..i have no more room in my sump..so maybe i consider skimmer that can put it outside of my sump. i'll use skimmer, because i'll add more SPS in this tank..even though i have 3 types SPS now, but i won't take a risk
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