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  1. Hi, Too big for my tank so selling off, bought used, selling for $70. Dimensions are 21cm (L) x 16cm (B) x 28cm (H). Collect at Pasir Panjang. WhatsApp me 96772336.
  2. Forgot to mention - comes with tank mounting legs for 18-24 inch (45cm to 60cm) tank. Good for 2 foot tank.
  3. New just out of the box, a bit big for my tank so selling at $100 with controller, remote and everything included just not box. WhatsApp me 96772336. Tks.
  4. Please PM me if you have as I need for new tank setup.
  5. For a 6 foot tank you would probably need 2 of these to be efficient, mine is a 3 foot tank. Tks.
  6. For those asking what a ATS is, it's a powerful phosphate and nitrate remover, see the following URL - http://www.myaquariumclub.com/mega-powerful-nitrate-and-phosphate-remover-2223814.html
  7. Hi all, ran for a few days but do not have enough room on tank to run so unfortunately looking to sell my ATS setup, beautifully made and selling together with aquabee 2000L pump. Selling for $400. Size is 24x8x10 inches, make sure you have room over sump or tank for it. Can SMS or email pics. My Hp: 96772336 Cheers
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