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  1. Too big for my nano tank, selling at $90 - 96772336 Collect Pasir Panjang Tks
  2. Hi bro, interested my CTC - 96772336 tks
  3. Hi, am interested and can collect today - 96772336
  4. PM if you have available, prefer in the West tks.
  5. Hi, Too big for my tank so selling off, bought used, selling for $70. Dimensions are 21cm (L) x 16cm (B) x 28cm (H). Collect at Pasir Panjang. WhatsApp me 96772336.
  6. Forgot to mention - comes with tank mounting legs for 18-24 inch (45cm to 60cm) tank. Good for 2 foot tank.
  7. New just out of the box, a bit big for my tank so selling at $100 with controller, remote and everything included just not box. WhatsApp me 96772336. Tks.
  8. Please PM me if you have as I need for new tank setup.
  9. For a 6 foot tank you would probably need 2 of these to be efficient, mine is a 3 foot tank. Tks.
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