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  1. Btw u in MY rite? Had told a bro dat I'm gathering info on my Zoas keepers in MY b4 I head down, will soon b paying u a visit soon, Chat more in Facebook, btw I don't come in here offen, last time was 2-3months back
  2. Hi Ashwin bro, just realize we've been in the same group in Facebook, u mite not recognize me here, as I'm using my real name there, good stuff u got there bro, I'm tagging u this in Facebook
  3. Hi guys, it's been awhile since I browse through here, recently struggling w my water, lol Ya colour isn't really back yet n the green mouth still quite pale, lol
  4. Oops auto correction, it's Of tank recovery state
  5. Thx guys, ya, though tank crisis but still looking out for nice stuff at the same time or tank recovery, lol
  6. Wow 4 months since my last update, I ya, had a tank crisis on August aft the rescaping... Plus I found out that my harlequin shrimp can kill a star fish n eats damn slowly for a month... So rotten a month for 2-3months.. Caught n gave it away on sept.. Anyway the waiting time for tank to recover was abit bored, lol felt like I'm halfway drifting back to my other hobbies, but nah, due to work+last 2week+ ict finally did a frag tray to pick up all loss frags n loss polyps that's been falling around n many had been blown to shady area by the waves.. So now is my frag tray 1st, following a couple of months would b the rest of the tank. Alrite so abit of my LOSS frags or LOSS polyps, most of it ain't even glued, lol Ya I noe some colour isn't back yet, but trust me, the whole tank of Zoas were still grey in colour last month, all still recovering To reef or not to reef?? lol
  7. Wow, the 1 next to LA Lakers looks really nice Many gems Ups for ya bro
  8. Lol me better take 1 step at a time, lol But sure like the idea of going round to each other's place, heehee oh is it!!! Wow when can we go over together and view kkk121 tanks... bro u can wan, ur tank too small for all ur gems... time for upgrade lol no more shot, till u teach me more on photography. ? And alsosupply ammo..lol
  9. Ai seh bro, jumping ship from Nikon to canon? Btw u getting which Full frame model? Me thinking of getting 1 too, but I'm still keeping current set, Btw coolguy oso bought a canon just dis week.
  10. Heehee, dats y I like visiting reefers,to tell u the truth,both of u are quite the same, 1 tank sps, the other a mixture of sps+lps, both into photography, Lol, yeah sure wish I can be as dedicated as u guys,m camping here for more money shots
  11. Wow!!! Such nich deal!! Aiyo, tank crisis at the wrong time, Ups for ya bro, hope reefers can get dis good deals
  12. Great shots bro!!!! Heehee, really gotta have things to shoot den fun, heehee Gotta go find u soon le o~~
  13. Yoh bro, u should pay Klyve a visit, he's got 1 really very very power sps o~~ Ya really great collection, always had wanted to bring my camera to klyve's place, Lol coral's paradise!!!
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