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  1. Hi, I would like to check with Bro here whether is this brown algae? Is it due to lighting? How to get rid of the algae? My fish and coral is doing well...is just that the rock and tank wall of my nano tank got this algae. Please advise how to get rid of it. Is this brown algae or diatom? Thanks. My current lighting I am using is maxspect nano razor. Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Hi does anyone got test kit for calcium and magnesium? If yes can u sms or whatsapp me 90677990 with price and the expiry date. Thanks
  3. what you mean by nutrient export methods? For changing water I am using DI 3 stages with salt mix .
  4. Recently I had changed my lighting to maxspect nano lighting. I realized that after I change brown diatom start to appear on the sand bed. Can any Bro please share with me your maxspect lighting setup... Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Hi I would like to check with Bro here whether in FOWLR does magnesium and calcium play a important role since this element is more for corals. Does it effect the fish if the elements is too high or too low. Please advise. Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. I interested to get the RO/DI filter. I get to know that the water going to the inlet must have around 1 to 3 bar pressure so that we wont waste that much water. Am I right? And how do we know what is the pressure of our water in our house before getting the booster pump. Please advise.
  7. For the past one year I had been using nsw to change water in my nano tank. As I am very new into RO/DI, therefore I would like to ask whether can I use the RODI water to change the water in the tank instead of using NSW. Please advise thk
  8. yes i think this is the one... think they selling it at one blue and two red
  9. anyone been to LCK this few days. Saw a tank full of clownfish but is white in color. Any idea what's the name of this fish?
  10. Get to know that several reefer here is using maxspect razor. I be receiving my nano razor soon. Therefore was wondering whether any Bro can share with me on their Intensity of their maxspect razor from T1 to T6. Thanks
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