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  1. Letting go my Arrow crab at $25 Take note its not reef safe. It happily eating my xenia... haha.. but never disturb my lps and sps. Great scanvenger View/collect Fernvale road.
  2. Ah beng have a few range of eels.
  3. Thanks for the carpet anemone. It looks healthy and huge. My clown hosting on it on the 2nd day.
  4. Im looking for Big RBTA, normal.prata, lumi bubble, acan etc 20180706_173810.mp4
  5. Up for D n F Saw it personally. Very nice pieces. Thanks for the BN
  6. Looking to trade my Ultra Crazy Lumi Green tip/body hammer With LPS (lumi bubble coral, normal prata etc) I stay in Sengkang
  7. Selling off my Skimz CR with left over media and CO2 tank with solenoid valve. Caribsea ARM Extra Coarse media All above for $320 WYSIWYG. View/Collect at Fernvale road
  8. Im looking for soft corals. Ideally in few pieces. Im not a fussy refeer. Just want to cover as much as i can on my bare 5ft tank. I stay in Sengkang. PM me if u giving away or sell away. Cheers
  9. Still looking for 1. Powder Black Tang 2. Kole Tang Thanks
  10. Got one indian sailfin tang from a nice friendly reefer. Thanks.
  11. Hi. Im looking for stable pellet eating tangs. Probably not more than 4inches 1. Powder Black Tang 2. Clown Tang 3. Kole Tang 4. Purple Tang 5. Any nice tangs. Non Tang 1. Flame Angel, pellet hungry type PM me 1.How long u have it with u 2.Feeding on.. 3.location to view/collect 4.photo / video if have. 5. Asking price Anyway i stay in Sengkang.
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