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  1. Hi ZmasonJ, nice tank. Will you be able to share how you hook up the chiller for the redsea max nano? Do you channel the return pump to your chiller before return to the main tank? Keen to get a redsea max nano but exploring a nice way to install the chiller with minimal equipment. Thanks in advance
  2. Bro sorry to hear that! I also met with quite similar problem. I stopped water change and change my gfo every week. Meanwhile manually removed free hanging gha and wash filter sock daily. The gha persisted for another 2 weeks but never grow or spread. But by 3rd week gha turned white and died off. No other chemical and reduction.in lighting was done. Of coz, I still lose a few sps. But up till today algae is at bay. Don't give up, as we know this is demoralizing.
  3. Bought extra today as i thought old wave maker is spoiled. But managed to repair it. Jebao haven touch water at all, still in box intact. Selling for $50.
  4. Yup tracking the changes. Will see if any stark improvement. Nano-glo light have been reserved by a nice bro. Pending collection tonight.
  5. Hey bro, yeap changed to ai vega liao After poisoned by you lol!
  6. Letting go of a ati sunpower lightset. 3x blus plus, 2x coral plus and 1x purple plus. All 6 tubes changed in early april 2015. Will throw in 2x new ati tubes - on for testing only (coral plus and blue plus), full hanging kit and analogue timer. For $500 neg. Also letting go of a nano glo refugium led light. All 4 led working well. But the wet side magnet not in perfect condition as i super glue my ats to it. For $25
  7. Haha, problem is the base is encrusting on its surrounding slower colony. They are taking over other colony skeleton. Looks nice but afraid will eventually end up with one sps species only. Lol
  8. Thanks bro and you hit spot on. Yup kind of neglected trimming of the sps. Especially for those that encrust the base aggressively. Do you have any reccomendation on how to trim the encrusted base? Right now i have one colony that spread its base very quickly. Will appreciate any tips
  9. Hi bro, I am keen in buying both set and collect soon. Please let me know if it is still available. My contact 9114 1924. Daniel
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