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  1. 1. Selling resun 56l tank set. As good as new. $40 2. Selling Nemo 36watt. As good as new. $100 Items bought less than a month. Self collection at bukit panjang. No boxing.
  2. Tank currently reserved by a bro. drop me a sms to be in the queue list.
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10394278@N02/9579448595/ FCFS / FOC Not for fussy buyer, 3rd hand Tank 3.5ft + right side overflow about 0.5ft /w 4ft sump Live rocks + Livestock bluetang, sailfin tang, clown etc. Does not include all pumps and other equipments except for the backflow pump. MUST TAKE ALL. Please arrange your mover. My chiller is down, need you to collect asap. Looking at tomorrow or early next week etc. monday, tuesday. HP: 98730899
  4. Sorry all, will cease the sales for some personal reasons. sorry again.
  5. LR and Maxspect currently reserved by Dnsfpl for this sunday collection.
  6. Items for reservation, will release the items after i cleared my LS 1. daeil chiller 1/3 w/o pump, no warranty, $250 2. SKIMZ Leapard Protein Skimmer SL200 <1 year about 9-10 months old, super silent, from AM. $550. 3. Maxspect G2 110W All Leds working. Condition 5/5. Not for fussy person. I cannot remove the arm from the fixture, unable to unscrew the screw. $50 4. Reef Octopus BioPellet Reactor BR140, no more warranty, (piping modified) $100 5. Tesino 5000, $100 6. Tesino 3000, $50 small items and tank to come...
  7. I'm giving away LR, enough to fill 3ft tank. Collection at Bukit Panjang at my preferred time. LR about 2-3 years old, still inside my tank. MUST TAKE ALL, and please prepare your container, you will need more than 1 container to fill up these rocks.
  8. would the sponge choke after sometime and causes overflow?
  9. thanks bro, I maanged to get the 24v 0.25a cooling fans for my lighting since I couldn't find the replacement parts in Singapore.
  10. i need advice from bro. i am replacing the cooling fan for the lighting. the fan is rated dc 24v 0.25a. is it ok with i replace 1 with dc 24v <0.25a ??
  11. My tank has an corner overflow box. It becomes very nosiy when the water splashing hit the water in the overflow. How is this compared to the drainpipes overflow at the back of the tank? Are they the same?
  12. probably re-route the pipings using the old pipes
  13. probably re-route the pipings using the ones.
  14. any bro using daeil chiller 1/3? it is quite noisy when it kicks off, is it normal?
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