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  1. I am using skimz about $1000+ deltec is too expensive or me. Check with ur tank maker, maybe you get a good bundle price
  2. U have a 5ft tank? I think deltec is good if u have enough vitamin m.
  3. if your tank is mature, shouldn't be a problem.. i think this is the same when you dropped a dead prawn during cycling.
  4. Paiseh I thought this is a 1/20 chiller. By the way you approached the wrong LSf for advice and tank .
  5. Can wash with ro water? Any reason to wash with tank water only?
  6. The fish are with me for more than 2 yrs.. would try to keep them if possible though they are not expensive fish...
  7. I think 1/20is underpower for the 3 footer.
  8. bro you're driving? count me in next time, i stay at segar. 98730899
  9. is there any lfs that provides service to house fish and corals temporary etc. over a period of 1-2 months
  10. do i need to wash/replace the coral chips over a period of time?
  11. so i assume this is normal for skimz skimmer, it is not a product fault.
  12. hi bro are 2 x 24w t5 good enough to grow cheato?
  13. i think it is not possible to put a filter sock at the skimz outlet because of the way it is designed. Is this a design flaw with skimz skimmer because i was using bubble magnus earlier and it didn't have this issue. any bro with skimz skimmer, do you have the same problem?
  14. my skimz leopard is releasing bubbles from the bubble plate charmer into the sump from day one , is this normal?
  15. does anyone knows where to get Ion Exchange Resin and Granular Activated Carbon besides madpetz?
  16. Bro, you have 2 drain pipes huh?
  17. Bro it sems u do not have durso stanpipes at ur overflow, do u experience gurgling noise?
  18. Can show pics on ur sump? Tks bro
  19. i put mine at the top for 2 years, opening big and growing
  20. i assume using back the old pipes right? and what do you mean by wavemaker, connect up the wavemaker??
  21. bro, any reason not to use sand substrate?
  22. which one is better? Some bro said Glass while others said Acrylic.. I am confused. I always thought acrylic is highly scratchable.
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