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  1. HI Bro Need some cheato, any bro can give me or sell me some? looking at west/north areas.
  2. when i stopped my return pump, I noticed a ton of debris flew out, and as soon as i started the pump, the debris are gone within 10-mins. This pump is only 2 weeks old. Are these debris from the water pipes? Any idea?
  3. changed my mind. moderator pls close thread.
  4. pls advise the condition and collection place.
  5. or a few pieces of live rocks will also do... pm me the pic. tks.
  6. please pm me the pic, collection place. tks.
  7. how often should i change rowaphos in fr?
  8. what is the best combination for 6 tubes? I am keeping SPS and LPS/softies.. Are 4 X blue plus, 1 X purple plus and 1 X coral plus too blueish??
  9. for some reasons .. the white spot on my clown disappeared overnight... maybe it was too stresssss...
  10. secondly, besides circulation pump, what is required for setting up a qt? how do i keep the water cool without chiller?
  11. Pm me the price and collection place . Attach a photo if possible. Tks
  12. is there any medication/product can be safely dosed in my display tank to cure ich? I do not want to set up a qt for ich treatment. any advise?
  13. Who is the distributor for the ATI T5 Sunpower\Powermodule?
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