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  1. how long should i leave the pump running in water/vinegar mix to remove calcium deposit? and what is the ratio to mix vinegar and water? tks.
  2. inside - http://www.flickr.com/photos/10394278@N02/8475172491/in/photostream
  3. WTS Ehiem Compact 5000 (2500-5000l). No more warranty, not for fussy buyer. $80 firmed. Collection @ Bukit Panjang Only. I'm selling off this unit. No attachments. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10394278@N02/8476126460/in/photostream
  4. Is delightings good for Sps? Can i mount delightings fixture directly on the tank than hanging it?
  5. bros, will likely switch to ATI. My last question on ATI is on the ceiling mounting. Wii there be any issue attaching the cable retainers to our concrete ceiling? do i require additional tools or accessories beside a driller? thanks, want to get everything right before buying the ATI.
  6. Thanks bro. What are the common bulbs combination for 4 tubes fixture?
  7. How is ATI sun compared to maxspect led 110w? My tank height is 2ft should I switch to sun?
  8. Still available $50. Collection after Cny
  9. How is delighting t5 compared to ati sunpower?
  10. Am considering switching to ATI sunpower for my 3ft. Any bro is using Ati sunpower, can review on it ? Or any t5 fixture to recommend? Ati price is quite ex. Tks
  11. So far so good . Begin to come out after hiding for a week tks
  12. paiseh... what do you mean by better ballast? brighter? tks
  13. Why are some t5 fixtures so expensive e.g ati sun while others are not? Is'nt it all depends on the t5 tubes we are using?
  14. I found that after a short period not so efficient Liao .. Magnet becomes weak..
  15. I thought dart fish have to be paired ? 2 or 4..
  16. When can I start seeing algae on my ats? Been running for 3 days.
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