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  1. 2 prices $38 if can collect tomorrow night. $42 - Dymax 1200 + Tunze 9002 w/o cup / collect tomorrow night. Cheers!
  2. Ok I made a mistake. Called Reef deport, the warranty expired on this 27th June. Less than 6months. So my price will go down to $38.
  3. pump still available upzzz for $70. Can test at my place if you want. Collection strictly at bukit panjang,
  4. I setup the algae scrubber today. When can I see algae forming? Do I have to on the light 24x 7?
  5. uppz.. pump with warranty from reef deport. warranty at least for another 6 months.
  6. pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/10394278@N02/8449435401/in/photostream
  7. wts the attached ehiem filters. previously used for freshwater. big one $12 small one $8, take both $18. Price firmed. condition 9/10 collection at my place only - bukit panjang.
  8. $10 firmed. collection at my place only - bukit panjang.
  9. please note 55 is for today collection, no more further discount. tomorrow will revert back to $70.
  10. Price down to 55 provided u can collect today. Bukit panjang. test on the spot for you.
  11. Price down to 60 provided u can collect today. Bukit panjang
  12. WTS Ehiem 1260. No more warranty. Can test at my place. Collection at Bukit Panjang. $70.
  13. i am new to algae scrubber. Do i need to clean the scrubber every week?
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