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  1. SeaChill TR20 1/3 Horsepower Aquarium Chiller for up to 400 gallons hmm, dun have issues when preset to 27deg.
    Paiseh I thought this is a 1/20 chiller. By the way you approached the wrong LSf for advice and tank .
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  2. isn't it gonna be very expensive if u were to bring ur fishes and coral to a "fish hotel" and stay there for a month or 2? probably better to sell and then buy again.
    The fish are with me for more than 2 yrs.. would try to keep them if possible though they are not expensive fish...
  3. i think it is not possible to put a filter sock at the skimz outlet because of the way it is designed. Is this a design flaw with skimz skimmer because i was using bubble magnus earlier and it didn't have this issue. any bro with skimz skimmer, do you have the same problem?

  4. If I'm not wrong, the led maker made the claim that the led can last up to 50000hr but real world usage is different. My G2 also is in similar situation but DE has an exchange programme on Maxspect product. I traded and upgraded mine already to the Mazarra P module. I even purchased the Maxspect Razor after doing a trade in and upgrade ( had 2 G2 for my tank. ). You might need to order the led yourself if you really need to replace the led. What made me choose to get the new led set was that after using the G2 for 2 years, there are limitation on what it can do, so I went with the new led set from Maxspect.
    Bro is r420r good for sps 4ft?
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