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  1. Due to upgrade of equipment, selling off this deltec skimmer 1500i...it has been cleaned. In good working condition. Asking price $500. Message 93258321 if interested. Equipment Description Introduction Deltec 1500i DC protein skimmer The new innovative internal protein skimmer from Deltec. The Deltec 'i' DC pump and 'ix' AC pump range of protein skimmers incorporate a new emergency overflow system that prevents the collection cup from overflowing in the event that the sump water level suddenly exceeds the skimmers specified water depth or the air intake becomes blocked. As the wat
  2. Reefing Reality Shipment Arrived!! LPS Assorted Acan - Ultra Grade Acan (M-L) - Rainbow Grade Acan (M-L) Assorted Torch Coral - Green with Pink Tip - Green with Blue Tip Assorted Frogspawn Coral - Green - Neon Green - Two Tone Assorted Wall Hammer (M-L) - Toxic Green - Green Assorted Branching Hammer - Gold Tip - Two Tone - Yellow Marble - Green Assorted Cyphastrea - Green eye - Pink eye Assorted Lobophyllia (M-L) - Rainbow - Tricolor - Ultra Assorted Chalice - Ultra - Tricolor Assorted Acan echinata - P
  3. Updates for the weekend. Various eye candies available for selection!
  4. Reefing Reality Aussie Shipment have arrived... - Ultra Color Acropora - Mega Size SSC - Red and Green Crocodile Island Scolymia - Lava Lamp Discosoma (Very limited!!!) Existing stock... - Assorted Yumas - Assorted Big Bubble Yumas - Blue spotted Red Discosoma - Yellow spotted Green Discosoma - Orange Plates - Assorted Lobophyllias
  5. Reefing Reality Shipment Arrived Part 2 LPS - Red Blasto - Multicolor Blasto - Green Center Blasto Softies - Hot Pink Yumas Limited - Fiery Orange Yumas Limited - Multicolor Yumas - Big Bubble Yumas - Blue spotted Red Discosoma - Leopard Discosoma - Assorted Discosoma - Purple Tentacle Toadstool - Green Nepthea - Green Capnella - Flaming Red Bubble Tip Anemone - Yellow/orange Tip Green Bubble Tip Anemone
  6. Reefing Reality Aussie Shipment have arrived... Lps - Yellow Branching Hammer - Marbled Green Branching Hammer - Crocodile Island Scolymia (Red/ Green) - Pure Blue Mushroom - Metallic Red Mushroom - Green Mushroom - Pink Mushroom - Rare Australian Zoas
  7. Reefing Reality Shipment Arrived - Green Branching Hammer - Two Tone Branching Hammer - Gold Tip Branching Hammer - Green Wall Hammer - Two Tone Wall Hammer - Gold Tip Wall Hammer - Pink Octo - Green Octo - Lumi Green Octo - Purple Tip Octo - Orange Plate - Red Plate - Multicolor Plate - Assorted Lobophyllia (S,M,L,XL) - Assorted Ultra Open Brain Coral - Red Cynarina - Green Cynarina - Lumi Green Alveopora - Green Goniopora - Pink/Red Goniopora - Lumi Green Candy Cane Softies - Orange Yuma - Multicolor Yuma - A
  8. Sold and collected Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  9. First owner 9.5/10 3months old 150 per set . Got 3 unit for sale Whatsapp 93258321 Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  10. 10mm glass. I have 2 to be given away. Collection dairy farm road. Whatsapp 93258321 Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
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