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  1. Hi guys I've got a 20 litre tank lying around that I'm thinking of turning into a frogfish tank. Thinking of 2 things... 1) Going super basic and just keeping one frogfish with LR 2) Keeping frogfish with LR and some soft corals What are the basics I'll need for a frogfish setup? I heard skimmer is necessary cos frogfishes are messy eaters but aside from a skimmer what else will i need? I've also read that they don't like high flow rates... any tips from frogfish owners?
  2. Hi guys I'm thinking of getting an established tank from a fellow reefer and just wondering what the process of transporting the tank and livestock will be like? I'm a little worried about the process and I wanna try and prevent any casualties if necessary. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks!
  3. thanks fatbike!...will pm you when I'm ready Currently, i've had the tank set up for a week already. Can I find out more about the cycling regime for pico tanks? I've read all sorts of stuff that seem to contradict each other...I'm using cured live rock and I've read some articles saying that one week of cycling is enough... while others say have to wait 4 weeks...what's a good practice? Also, i need some help with my water tests... current my readings are like this... ph 8.2 ammonia - 0.5ppm nitrite - o ppm nitrate 20ppm is it necessary to get the nitrate levels lower
  4. Hi gerrard will definitely take you up on your offer...thanks man!...will pm you when i'm ready I'm waiting a few more days before I finally add in corals...bought some small pieces of LR from coral farm... think the auntie there must think I'm damn suaku as I didn't really know how many pieces to buy at first! ended up with 3 small pieces but get this feeling it's not enough...total only about 0.5kg...for a 1.8 gallon tank. by the way, is it really necessary to have a fan? and is the stock lighting strong enough for softies?
  5. thanks for the tips guys! so anyone have any spare black live sand and rock for an IQ3 owner? Or should i be posting something like this elsewhere?
  6. Hi Guys I've just become the proud owner of a Dymax IQ3 and would like some general ideas on setting it up. I've already gone through a lot of posts on this forum and others and am very aware of the limitations of the tank. I'm thinking of just keeping live rock, one soft coral (possibly a mushroom) and 2 sexy shrimp. Would this be a good stocking suggestion for the IQ3 without me having to purchase any additional equipment? I would like to get smaller pieces of live rock as well as some live black sand. Any idea where I can get this in Singapore? Thanks!
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